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What 2019 girl were you?

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1. Which social media platform do you check first?

A. Facebook (1 point)

B. Tik Tok (2 points)

C. Instagram (3 points)

D. Snapchat (4 points)

2. For a night on the town, you bring out your favourite pair of:

A. Birks (3 points)

B. Cowboy boots (1 point)

C. Whatever makes your butt look best (4 points)

D. Docs (2 points)

3. What accessory do you pair those shoes with?

A. All the scrunchies (3 points)

B. A plaid shirt (1 point)

C. Crop top (4 points)

D. A choker (2 points)

4. Where are you hanging out during Welcome Week?

A. Beer gardens #allforthegram (3 points)

B. Library — more like hot girl scholar (4 points)

C. Home, duh (2 points)

D. Probably around the Ag building (1 point)

5. You’d describe 2019 as:

A. Pretty good, Tik Tok became a thing (2 points)

B. The best year ever #thriving (4 points)

C. And I oop tsksksksk (3 points)

D. Eh. Pretty good, crops weren’t the best (1 point)

6. Your 2020 resolution:

A. Become Tik Tok famous (2 points)

B. Become an Instagram influencer (3 points)

C. Hit the gym (4 point)

D. Hit up Ag night every week (1 point)

Add up your points to get your answer:

Country girl (6-10 points)

Everyone loves a good country girl. You remained true to your roots and yourself. <3. See you at Craven! Country Thunder!

E-girl (11-15 points)

No one really understands what you are but that’s ok because you prefer to remain mysterious.

VSCO girl (16-20 points)

You were the meme of 2019 but at least you got some stellar insta posts out of it.

Hot girl summer (21-24 points)

You THRIVED in 2019. Life’s obstacles didn’t get you down. Keep your confidence going into 2020.

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