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Which witch are you?

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1. What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

A. Make coffee or tea.

B. Check your horoscope.

C. Water your plants.

D. You pull a tarot card.

E. None of the above.

2. If you could travel, where would you go?

A. Anywhere with good food.

B. India.

C. Into the woods.

D. Wherever the signs point to.

E. Nowhere, I don’t like travelling. 

3. What does your house look like?

A. A fully packed fridge, an array of spices and an enchanting kitchen.

B. Crystals. Everywhere.

C. An actual jungle, plants in each corner of the room, hanging dried flowers from the ceiling and a collection of glass containers filled with various herbs. 

D. Everything sits according to feng shui and there are candles everywhere. 

E. …like a normal house.

4. How would you like to spend your weekend?

A. Baking desserts and trying out new recipes.

B. Stargazing and night walks.

C. Buying more plants, tending to your ferns and propogating old buds to make new baby plants.

D. Meditating, reading and relaxing.

E. Just chillin’.

5. Pick an element.

A. Fire

B. Water

C. Earth

D. Air

E. No.

If you answered mostly As

You are a kitchen witch. You love cooking up magical meals, and you do so by transferring your energy, intent and will into your ingredients. You enjoy trying unfamiliar recipes, hosting dinners and cooking for others. 

If you answered mostly Bs

You are a cosmic witch. You had a rock collection when you were a kid, and you’ve upgraded. You have himalayan salt lamp in your house, and you never pass up on an Instagram horoscope post. You watch tarot card readings on YouTube, and you study astrology and cosmology in your spare time. 

If you answered mostly Cs

You are a green witch. You have a strong connection to nature and love all things green. You believe in the elements and love the outdoors. You love flowers and animals and growing plants. You enjoy making home remedies and using fresh herbs from your garden for your cooking.

If you answered mostly Ds

You are a divination witch. You feel energy and sensations where most people feel nothing. You find shapes in popcorn ceilings, bathroom tiles, water and just about everything. You get déjà vu, and you’re good at making predictions. You enjoy meditating, scented candles and incense. 

If you answered mostly Es

You are not a witch.

If you’re a mix of everything

You are an eclectic witch. You’re doing a little bit of everything. You don’t find yourself identifying with any specific type of witch identity. You have a mix of crystals, candles, plants and more. You’re still learning about the world of witchcraft and have not found the best path of practice for you.


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