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This game just won’t Pokémon GO away

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Take your mind back to the summer of 2016. The sun is shining and you actually left your house today. Not only are kids outside playing, but there are more people out than ever. It’s all because everybody is on Pokémon Go.

The game took the world by storm soon after its release date when people everywhere began choosing teams and becoming trainers in a quest to catch ‘em all. 

However, like most mobile games that gain popularity very quickly, people stopped playing overtime. While many folks have not touched the app for a year or two, there are now more people than ever who still play the augmented reality game on their phones.

The U of S campus is packed full of pokéstops where you can collect pokéballs and gyms where you can battle against the opposing teams. Though it has been several years after the release, lures — which help attract pokémon — are still being placed all around campus.

The game has definitely made improvements since its initial summer release. You may find a pokéstop taken over by Team Rocket — a name taken straight out from the Pokémon television show — leading you to catch a shadow pokémon that you can later purify. 

Gyms were initially the only places that could be taken over by teams, but now there are raids where players of all teams can battle together to take down stronger pokémon. You can then attempt to catch it afterwards — if you win, of course. 

Raids make it easier to catch legendary or shinee pokémons including Mewtwo which just recently showed up, but for a limited time only. You’ve got until Nov. 12 to battle in a raid with Mewtwo. 

You might find yourself among seven odd people working together trying to catch the same Pokémon — an unlikely way to make new friends.

If you’re looking for some fun motivation to get out of your house and keep active, Pokémon GO is a good way to do so. You have to walk certain distances in order to hatch your eggs and your walks from one class to another won’t cut it.

The fictional world from our childhoods come to life on a wider scale, allowing us to continue playing into our adulthood. If you missed out on this world when you were a kid, now’s your chance to get into it. 

It’s also just a fun general stress reliever and a nice way to fidget when you’ve got time to kill. 

Aqsa Hussain/ Layout Manager

Graphic: Ana Cristina Camacho/ News Editor

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