Cold-weather classics

By in Culture

This playlist is specifically curated for those frigid winter mornings when you are feeling emotionally burrowed in the dry Saskatchewan snow, unintentionally strengthening your calves due to the shuffle-walk you have to partake in when crossing long patches of ice — those patches sometimes hide under a thin, floating veneer of white fluff.

There is nothing quite like slipping and impacting hard on frozen concrete while the brooding voice of Leonard Cohen speaks of losing his wife and children. Beautiful, beautiful despair. If you have never blown hot air into your bare, frost-bitten hands while the scattering, clunky 5/4 time signature of Radiohead’s “15 Step” whispers sweet nothings into your icy red ears, you have not truly lived.

Only when you are so numb that you cannot hear yourself think will you be able to immerse yourself into the dense, layered arrangements of Brian Wilson that will hopefully catapult you into the nostalgia of a warm summer evening. Stay warm out there with these perfect pairings.


Riley Deacon / Photo Editor