Got manners?

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Perhaps we can learn something about etiquette from the golden wisdom of a cultural figure — to quote Deadpool, “Shhh, my common sense is tingling.” Can you define etiquette? Simply put, etiquette is manners, a simple code for polite behaviour.

Let’s take a look at some common-sense scenarios relatable to anyone’s university experience. I would argue that bettering any and all of these situations comes down to one thing — basically, we just need to exercise a little human decency.

Picture this, you just got out of class and you notice you’re not the only one. Crowds of students pour out of buildings, utterly oblivious to the vehicles stopping for them as they hurdle toward crosswalks without a second glance.

Please look up from your phone, or your friends, just long enough to notice that people in cars also need to get somewhere. It only takes 30 seconds out of your busy day to let one or two vehicles go by. And at least give them a courtesy wave when they fully stop to let you across.

Perhaps, you have an exciting life or there is something bothering you — something you just can’t wait to tell the person next to you. Maybe, Selena’s Insta is #goals, you’re very interested in the lecture, or Katy Perry swiped right on your Tinder profile.

Whatever the reason you are talking in class, please just stop. As shocking as this sounds, some people actually come to class to hear the professor. As well, it’s important to remember that many of your peers are differently abled, and some might have more difficulty tuning out disruptions.

Sure, there’s probably a niche audience somewhere that would love to hear your woke philosophies on everything, but most of us literally cannot even.

A half-empty Tim Hortons drink left on a ledge in Place Riel.

When it comes to lecture etiquette, it doesn’t get more simple than shutting off your phone. Seriously, just don’t use it. Why are you even coming to class? Stop texting, snapping, chatting, selfie-ing or whatever else you’re doing. It’s incredibly disrespectful to your professors, your peers, and yourself.

Another problem that crops up around campus is simple cleanliness. Maybe you like a large tea from Tim Hortons every day. That’s great — good for you — but after you’ve finished with your large tea from Tim Hortons — or your Starbucks coffee or your Aquafina or your Monster energy drink — please throw the container in the proper receptacle.

You ate lunch at a library table? Good for you. Self-care is important, and it’s great you took time to eat while cramming, but please wipe up your spills and crumbs.

What about the restrooms on campus? You splashed water all over the counter in the bathroom or you peed on the toilet seat? No worries, we’ve all been there — wipe it up. Also, if you come out of a stall and there is no toilet paper left or there’s a plumbing situation, warn the next in line. And while we’re on the subject of bathroom etiquette, for the love of Beyonce, wash your hands!

Lastly, say you find yourself walking through the Arts Tunnel and your phone buzzes. Maybe you have won the lottery and need to reply immediately or you forfeit the prize or you just got the notification of your dreams. Congratulations, but please move over. With your eyes glued to your phone, your pace has significantly stalled, leaving the rest of us to shuffle painstakingly behind you. Just like on the road, pull off to the side when you need to text or read.

These are just a few simple suggestions to help improve the university experience for you and your fellow students — or even make the world a better place. Manners are contagious. Chances are, if you take the time to notice and be considerate of others, you will find that others may become more considerate of you.

Shiloh Naomi

Photo: Riley Deacon / Photo Editor