Legalized lullabies: Topical tunes for your tranquil trips

By in Culture

Legalization is finally here, and along with blunts and bongs, an appropriate playlist is essential for your Purple Haze pleasure.

With marijuana legally on the market, you’re going to need some top-notch tunes to before you light up. Luckily, the Sheaf has you covered.

Perhaps you’ve never even heard of terms like Sour Die- sel — and no, I’m not referring to the Zayn Malik song — puffing the dragon, taking a toke or Granddaddy Purple, and in this respect, legalization may feel a bit overwhelm- ing. While I can’t provide you with a dope dictionary, I can ease your transition by slowing things down a bit.

Full of reverbial loops, unorthodox tones and calm tempos, these tunes bring classic psychedelic melodies into a contemporary light. So roll that blunt of righteous bush, take a rip, and relish in these resonant rhythms.


Ashlynn Weisberg