Students of Usask – Edition 9: The community love bug

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Community building is one of Lauren Klassen’s passions.

Lauren Klassen, second-year education

If I were to ask you the basic question “Who are you?” how would you respond in the simplest manner?

“Well, community, volunteering and service are big parts of my life. So, it would be one of my passions and something that’s really influenced my character. Taking after mentors and role models has probably formed who I am, too.”

What are you passionate about and why?

“I am definitely passionate about community [and] very passionate about people. I’m passionate about community because it’s a way [that] all people are connected and how people in a certain community can thrive and experience life together.

“I love bonding with different people that you might not have the chance to meet otherwise. [Community] gives you the opportunity to meet different people that may have different interests than you, … but you’re still connected through that community. It gives you a sense of belonging — I think community is really special.”

Do you have any dreams or projects you’d like to develop in our community?

“I love art and film — and very recently, a new passion I have is food sovereignty, after taking a course. I would love, love, love to create some kind of film activism for food sovereignty or food security, but I still need to talk to my friends about that and figure out the steps.”

What makes you happy?

“Lots of things. Sunshine, cats, listening and having long conversations with friends, family and strangers. Actually, making crafts really makes me happy — it’s a big stress reliever for me. More specifically, I love photography, and I really like to draw and paint just for fun. I also love to bake.”

What was the best day of your life?

“When we hiked the Cinque Terre trail in Italy for my grade 12 Easter trip — that was really good. That trail, holy shit. None of us had mentally or physically prepared ourselves for it — we were like, ‘Oh, it’s a hiking trip — hiking isn’t that hard.’

“We climbed a mountain. There were 50 of us in a line, so if one of us fell, we were all going over. It hurt, it was hot, but once we got to the top of the mountain and looked around, oh my god, it was so beautiful.”

Victoria Becker / Outreach Director

Photo: Zac Walters

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