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Fake News: Mutiny in astrology club following super blue blood moon, no conclusive reason why

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OBSERVATORY — On Jan. 31, an event that many are calling a “cluster-fuck of cosmic reality” threatened to tear apart a newly ratified student group at the University of Saskatchewan.

The Astrology Club, formed in October 2017, is a weekly gathering opportunity for students who have an interest in the study of celestial associations in the natural world. Founder and former president Tamara Tuck, a second-year women and gender studies major, says the club usually meets on Tuesday evenings in the U of S Observatory, or when deemed necessary by an astrological event.

“I am the one who called the Super Blue Blood Moon gathering, but I should have known it would be volatile to mix the signs during that time,” Tuck said.

The Super Blue Blood Moon was a combination of three separate phenomena: a Blue Moon, which occurs when there are two full moons in one calendar month, a Supermoon, when the moon’s closest approach in orbit to Earth coincides with a full moon, and a Blood Moon, when the moon appears red during a total lunar eclipse.

It remains to be seen what kind of effects this event has had on human affairs, if any, but student astrologers agree it catalyzed conflict in their ranks. At the Super Blue Blood Moon gathering, members were divided on the issue of group leadership, with some arguing for the dissolution of power structures in the group.

“I’m an Aquarius,” one member explained, when asked why they thought the club would function better without formal leadership.

It was decided during the astrology club’s Super Blue Blood Moon gathering that Tuck would be impeached and formal meetings would be restructured to better support individuals with varied-ruling sun signs.


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