Five quick tips for staying healthy this holiday season

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The holidays are just around the corner — and soon, there will be wine, turkey and treats to enjoy with loved ones — so this is a great opportunity to read up on some ways to stay healthy and fit this holiday season.

Making healthy choices can leave you with a holiday season to feel good about.

Start the day healthy: Whether you have the whole day off or need to prepare for a holiday gathering in the evening, the best way to start your day is with a nutritious breakfast. Skipping this essential meal could hinder you as the day goes on — leaving you with less energy, and potentially, making you more likely to overeat at meals.

Breakfast starts your day, and therefore, it is the best opportunity to boost your energy and get your brain going. But, remember to choose wisely so you get all the necessary proteins, carbohydrates and fats in your meal.

Stay hydrated: Whether you are staying in for the holidays or hitting Mexico’s beaches, do not forget the most precious molecule on Earth — water.

If you are flying, low humidity in high altitudes will make the cabin air dry, which can make you more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Therefore, drink lots of water to protect yourself from these germs if you are travelling over the holidays. Even if you are staying at home just watching the snow fall by the fireplace, make sure to drink plenty of water each day to stay fresh and energetic and avoid headaches and fatigue.

Eat sensible snacks: Wherever you go or whatever your plans are for the holidays, try to have small snacks in between your big meals to fight off temptation. Small amounts of fruit, yogurt and nuts are all great choices for a healthy snack.


Before any party, try to have a small bite to eat to avoid overeating at the event and feeling guilty the next morning. Some healthy examples include plain  yogurt with bananas, toast with peanut butter and vegetable soup.

Choose wisely at parties: Socializing is one of the most exciting things happening throughout the holidays — from hanging out with friends and family and mingling at parties to enjoying a great meal of turkey and gravy with a glass of wine. Here are some tips to help you to both enjoy that big holiday party and eat an amount of food that you feel good about.

Avoid buffets, limit your drinks to one or two glasses, and try to fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. You are here to see your loved ones and mingle with them, not to hang out by the serving table and eat until you want to explode. And as always, drink water in between alcoholic beverages to avoid hangovers and to stay hydrated.

Stay active: It is the holiday season, and we do need some relaxation, but exercise is still important. Exercising at least two times a week is enough to counteract all those turkey dinners.

You will feel happy and healthy while still having plenty of time to enjoy the holiday and mingle with your family. If you are leaving the snow for some warmth in other places, make sure to walk down the aisle whether you are travelling by train or plane, so as to keep  the blood from clotting in your legs from long periods of sitting.

By following these tips, you can stay healthy and active this holiday season and still enjoy the moment.

Kimia Bayattork

Photo and graphic: Lauren Klassen