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Fake News: Newly initiated internet troll confused by term “snowflakes”

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MEMORIAL UNION BUILDING — Following weekend flurries in the City of Saskatoon, one shit-poster — new to targeting liberal media — confused the slang term “snowflakes” for actual precipitation in a heated forum argument.

Mitt Webbs, a student in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, was perplexed by the response to his fairly innocent weather-related post. Other trolls responded with malice, inferring that Webbs may be a social justice warrior in disguise.

Webbs, in his first year of study at the University of Saskatchewan, says that the transition to university life has been tough, but his newfound interest in the free market has helped him to branch out socially.

“I wasn’t really interested in politics [before coming to university], but my older brother’s friend Mark just leant me a copy of Atlas Shrugged,” Webbs said.

Webbs began leaving impetuous remarks on online Sheaf articles in early September, and — despite this setback to his reputation — plans to continue indefinitely.


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