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The Strange Hubbs Weekly Meme – Week of Oct. 19, 2017

By in Distractions

Do you have trouble with your nicotine addiction? Try /r/surrealmemes. In this subreddit, they will put you on a strict diet of dank legs and vaporwave aesthetic until you can’t stop listening to “リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュ” by Macintosh Plus. Is your life leading somewhere purposeful? I highly doubt that, if you are reading this review. This is a leggy, surrealist, existential meme. It highlights dat boi’s problems with addiction. I also think it reflects issues within Western society. This is a purebred dank meme — almost as if someone let their memes be dreams. I ordain this meme with 530 blaze-it meme points.

Ahren Klaassen-Wright

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