Frugal finds: The Sheaf guide to cheap student eats

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In an ideal world, we would all have the time to always make delicious and budget friendly meals from scratch. But the world is far from ideal. We’re all human, and we’ve all got to eat, and sometimes that includes eating out.

Although going out to eat might not be the most financially responsible decision, let’s be realistic — everyone does it. Whether you’re taking your honey on a date or grabbing food with friends, eating out is an important part of university social culture.

More than that, it’s just plain convenient. Sometimes you just don’t have the time, energy or resources to make yourself a decent meal.

Fear not — the Sheaf is here with the ultimate student guide to filling your stomach without emptying your wallet.

Let’s start with the obvious. There is a reason why Thien Vietnam has long been regarded as the Holy Grail of cheap food in Saskatoon. For less than six bucks, you can order the daily special and be treated to a generous portion of great Vietnamese food. Other menu items are scarcely more expensive. Present your CFCR membership card for an additional 10 per cent off your purchase.

The menu is extensive and includes a wide variety of meat- and gluten-free options, so almost everyone can find something to enjoy. Thien Vietnam’s two locations — one downtown at 123 Third Ave. S. and one at 2-1301 Eighth St. E. — make the restaurant a convenient option, no matter where you’re located in the city.

If you’re eating on campus, nothing beats the Choices cafeteria in St. Thomas More College. Choices offers a fantastic soup-and-biscuit deal for $5.25. Choose between two soups, one of which is always vegan and gluten-free.

Once again leaving the university, the reappearance of Lebanese Kitchen on Broadway Avenue was the highlight of summer 2017. University of Saskatchewan students were deprived for too long of delicious and affordable food like falafel, shawarma and fatayer. Another great option for vegetarians, Lebanese Kitchen has something for everyone. Here’s hoping that their return to Saskatoon is a long and prosperous one.

No university food guide would be complete without at least one mention of delivery pizza. This isn’t the time or place for fancy, handcrafted pizza like they serve at UNA Pizza + Wine — or even Famoso, although both are great restaurants. The pizza we’re talking about here is heavy on the cheese and guilt but light on the wallet.

Domino’s is famous for its plethora of coupon deals and widespread availability. No matter where or when, you can reliably order a basic medium two-topping pizza and never expect to pay full price. Order on a Monday and use the code “MON50P” to take advantage of 50 per cent off all regular-priced-menu pizzas, or use the promo codes “UNI” or “STUDENT” whenever you order online to get the same discount.

If you’re a local pizza loyalist, 2 For 1 Family Pizza is a good choice. The deal’s right there in the name, and different specials are offered for every day of the week, including Large Tuesday and Extra-Large Wednesday. What a world to live in!

After a late night out bar-hopping around Broadway, Vangelis Tavern allows you to return to the scene of the crime with their generous breakfast special. Although not the most impressive hangover brunch in Saskatoon, the hash browns are hot and the eggs are fried to perfection. Most importantly, you get to avoid the long lineups and hipster pretension of other, more conventional, breakfast spots.

This is by no means the complete guide to cheap eats in Saskatoon — only a starter guide. You probably have a favourite affordable place that we’ve never even heard of. Student hunger knows no limits, even if our wallets do.

Emily Klatt

Graphic: Laura UnderwoodLayout Manager