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Fake News: Student nudists blown away

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GORDON SNELGROVE GALLERY — A long-standing campus student group, already grappling with a difficult year, was forced to postpone their annual slow-pitch game, citing inclement weather.

The Arts and Science Nudists’ Union, founded in 1937, has been hosting the event since the group’s inauguration. In the past, the slow-pitch game was a great way for the group to reach out to the community and further engage students. In recent years, however, they have seen a steady decline in active members.

“It’s hard, you know? Back in the day, we could host the game with snow still on the ground. Now, you get a bit of a breeze, and no one shows,” said Garry Findman, the group’s president since 1984 and a thirty-third-year geology student.

The slow-pitch game was set to take place on Apr. 2 at an undisclosed location. While Findman was delighted with the sunshine and warmer temperatures, many would-be goers were hesitant to bare to the wind. Others expressed concern when it was announced that teams would be indicated by shirts or skins. After a barrage of posts on the event’s Facebook page, Findman and the ASNU executive team opted to delay the event until further notice.

With concern mounting about the group’s future, members are seeking new ways to engage the student body. “Recently, we’ve expanded our social media outreach, and we’re in talks with the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union about starting a Nudists’ Centre on campus, or at least a safe space where we can strip,” Findman said.


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