Hidden gem of Saskatoon: 33rd Street brings promising future for business

By   —   March 9, 2017   —   in Culture

Saskatoon’s 33rd Street is an area of the city that is providing local businesses a chance to thrive and a way to give customers a special experience — here are some stores worth checking out!

Pokeys Pinball Café

Whether an arcade junkie or a student looking for something to do, this arcade bar promises to please all. The business is a new addition to the 33rd Street area, and opened only a month ago. This new establishment is perfect for university students because of the affordable prices and late hours of operation.

The café serves lunch and dinner with prices ranging in the single digits. A café by day and a bar by night, customers can enjoy a drink while playing pinball on various retro pinball machines —33rdand each machine has a different theme. The machines take $1 tokens to play, which makes this cafe perfect for those looking for a nostalgic night of playing pinball.

The Whimsy Store

The Whimsy Store is a quirky shop filled with handcrafted goods from different businesses in the Saskatoon area.

There is handcrafted furniture ranging from drum tables to stools resembling mushrooms. Along with one-of-a-kind furnishings for the home, the Whimsy Store also has accessories to give a home character. There is a wide variety of decorations such as wooden carvings, artwork from local artists such as Ryan Kerpan, decorative pillows and wall hangings.

The Whimsy Store is a great place to buy items similar to those at department stores, but instead of supporting big corporations you are supporting a local business. These items include homemade bath bombs, bath salts, deodorants, candles, lip chaps and lotions. Also at the Whimsy Store, you can find an assortment of handmade jewelry and hair accessories. This is the perfect place to buy a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

33rd Street Market

The 33rd Street Market is a vintage heaven filled with antiques that are one of a kind. The market makes do with the space they have to create a unique environment that’s not your average store.

The market’s vintage collection ranges from clothing to furnishings to magazines, to all sorts of odds and ends. The furniture varies from antique mirrors, dressers and tables. These furnishings can win over a vintage lover’s hearts with the fair and affordable prices they are sold for.

The market has small odds and ends that are simple but illuminate the room with a distinct atmosphere such as antique keys, door knobs and jewelry — which are certain to impress those who have an appreciation for antiques but may not have the space to own anything that takes up too much space.

Christie’s Mayfair Bakery

Christie’s Mayfair Bakery is a small yet beautiful bakery that serves fresh baking such as a variety of breads, tarts and scones, which you can order to go or to stay in.

The bakery has seating along the front window so one can enjoy a drink while watching the goings of 33rd Street traffic. Christie’s Bakery prices range from the single digits to double, for some larger baking — but the fresh baking is worth every nickel.

If you are looking for a new place to check out, Christie’s Bakery is worth stopping by. If students have tried Christie’s II Secondo on Broadway Avenue and liked it, they should definitely consider stopping in at the one on 33rd.

Better Off Duds

This shop is a must for those with an Achilles heel for vintage fashion. Better Off Duds has a wide selection of vintage clothing to dress you head to toe, and the prices are reasonable, which makes it cost-friendly to university students.

The 33rd Street of Saskatoon is developing much like Broadway Avenue, but with new personality and new opportunity. For people young and old, 33rd Street is a great place to enjoy being out in the city of Saskatoon, supporting local businesses.

Lauren Klassen

Graphic: Laura Underwood / Layout Manager

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