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Fake News: Heroic MacBook sacrifices remaining battery to charge iPhone

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HEALTH SCIENCE BUILDING — A truly selfless act occurred Nov. 1 when a MacBook with only 12 per cent remaining battery accepted the burden of charging an iPhone.

“I was anxious. I was really concerned for my life at that point,” iPhone said. “But then my saviour stepped in. Without MacBook, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Tragically, MacBook did not survive the ordeal. While this act of valor seems inspiring, not all are celebratory. Sources close to MacBook tell the Sheaf that their friend did not need to die.

“Twelve per cent,” Charger Cord said. “Twelve per cent battery and MacBook gave its own life in order to give iPhone a quick top off. Did it tell you it was only at 68 per cent when it got plugged in? It didn’t even bother to go on airplane mode.”

At the time of print, iPhone’s owner has been reached for comment via iMessage.


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