Last minute costume ideas for the busy student

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October is a stressful month, with midterms and multiple sports just starting up, it can be difficult to find time to come up with an original, spook-tacular costume idea to wow everyone on Halloween night. To help you overcome this stress, the Sheaf has put together a list of fun, last-minute costume ideas that will change you from a Hallo-weener to a Hallo-winner!

Four seasons

This is a great costume for you and a couple of friends to represent Saskatchewan and all its crazy and changing weather it brings! You can show off all four of the different seasons!

For summer, grab a towel, bathing suit and a pair of rocking shades and there you have it, the hottest season of them all. For autumn, either wear your cutest fall outfit or just wear all black and glue some red, orange, and yellow leaves on — since there are so many at your disposal right now — and bam! You will be shining with a warm fall glow.

For winter, grab your favorite white outfit, cut out a few snowflakes and glue them on. You instantly become a one-person winter wonderland! For spring, wear all green or your favorite flowery ensemble and you will be as bright as the first spring blossoms. Voila, you have an eye-catching group costume with minimal effort!

Lightning strike

If you and a friend or your significant other are interested in meteorology, or you simply love thunderstorms, this is the perfect pairs costume for you!

All you will need for the lightning bolt is a large piece of cardboard that you can cut into the shape of the bolt, along with a cut out face hole and some yellow paint. For the one being electrocuted by the lightning, you will need an outfit — probably not your favorite one — with holes cut in it to look like it was burned, crazy hair and an umbrella without the fabric on it. Easy and electrifying!

Post Hulk Bruce Banner

For all the superhero fans out there, here’s an original and extremely simple costume idea that will blow everyone’s minds to shreds! Speaking of shreds — all you need for this costume is an old white shirt, a pair of purple shorts you don’t want anymore and a pair of scissors. Start cutting the clothes until the outfit looks like the Hulk just ripped through it. You will definitely look smashing.


Since Halloween is celebrated during autumn, it’s easy to assume most people have their favorite flannel shirt already out, about and in regular use. If this is you, here is one of the easiest costumes ever. All you have to do is grab your cozy flannel and a pair of jeans — done. If you want to spice it up a bit, grab a black toque and a faux axe and there you go — you are a lumberjack!


This is the perfect costume if you’ve been dreaming to play out your childhood dream of being a mermaid — we all want to be a sexy creature of the sea, right?

You can create the tail in many ways, but the easiest way is to wear shiny, bright coloured leggings or a maxi-skirt. Next, grab a bathing suit top, glue some pretty shells on it and you will have the cutest beachy top. For the finishing touches, use your favorite sparkle or any super cool make-up and create a magical look.

Now, for your hair — add a touch, or the whole bottle of glitter and tousle it around a little. You’ll instantly be transformed into your favorite mythological creature, splashing your way to the best dressed prize in all of the seven seas.

Silent film star

There’s a certain element of class about silent films, much of which can be attributed to the outfits. If you’ve ever watched one of these films and dreamed about embodying that kind of class, this is the costume for you.

For this classy look, you will need your favorite 1920s to 1930s outfit, white face paint for all over your body and a dialogue sign to prove you are “silent.” Now all you’ll need is some jazzy music and you will be the class-act of any party — black and white or in colour!

Sam Campling

Graphic: Lesia Karalash / Graphics Editor