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Fake News: Sheaf staff frantically trying to guess election outcome

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MEMORIAL UNION BUILDING — With the Saskatoon municipal election only days away at the time of print, the staff of the Sheaf are desperately trying to predict the winner in advance for the sake of making some kind of cheap joke about them. Fake news editor Ben Juarez explained the difficulty of joking about something that hasn’t happened yet.

“I’ve got some really great Devon Hein material here, but it’s all dependent on a Hein victory,” Juarez said. “Conversely, I’m all for making fun of Don Atchison, but if he doesn’t get re-elected it’ll just come across as kicking him while he’s down, you know?”

Likewise, editor-in-chief Alexcai Wilson acknowledges that the challenge of writing about the election before it happens is unique.

“We just want to have something funny and timely to put on stands for the students, but they’ll know the outcome by then and we don’t have that luxury,” Wilson said. “So I think what you’re going to see here is really just us picking something at random and running with it.”

The Sheaf would like to extend its congratulations the new Mayor of Saskatoon, depending on who it is.


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