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Fake News: Simpsons reference falls painfully flat in business class

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EDWARDS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS — Third-year engineering student Lance Iggins is in hot water after an attempt at bonding with classmates in his Economics 111 elective backfired catastrophically.

“It’s not my college and I don’t know many people in the class, so I thought ‘What better way to break the ice a little than with a classic Simpsons joke,’” Iggins said. “When I couldn’t hear what my professor was saying from the back of the room, I yelled out, ‘You’ll have to speak up, I’m wearing a towel!’ What happened next was chaotic.”

While references to pop culture are abundant in other colleges and programs, Iggins was shocked to realize not everyone has seen every episode of The Simpsons.

“Nobody got it and if they did, they didn’t laugh,” Iggins said. “Then the professor didn’t quite hear me, so he asked me to repeat myself. All in all it was just a disaster. I thought everybody would get a real good chuckle out of it, but evidently not.”

While Iggins is sufficiently embarrassed over the debacle, he says he remains undeterred in his mission to win over his classmates’ approval.

“Eventually I’ll get them to come around and warm up to me with a good joke,” Iggins said. “After all, you don’t win friends with salad.”


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