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Fake News: Son somehow coming home for Thanksgiving more conservative than when he left

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CENTRAL BUTTE, SK — In an unprecedented move, first-year University of Saskatchewan student Ryan Lawrence is preparing to introduce his new politically active ideology to his family over the Thanksgiving long weekend.

“University has been such an eye opening experience,” Lawrence said. “I think I had what you would call the traditional ‘small town’ upbringing. You know, very left wing, open-minded, that sort of thing. Being at the U of S for the last six weeks and meeting people with right wing political views for the first time in my life has forced me to completely reconsider my stance on things like the energy sector, my respect for the federal government and the evils of democratic socialism.”

While still unaware of the magnitude of this shift, the boy’s father is already expressing concerns.

“I just don’t get it,” Carlton Lawrence said. “We were talking on the phone last week and he told me that I was a drain on society. Is this what I’m paying his tuition for?”

While Lawrence has yet to confirm with his parents, he is reportedly considering switching majors from philosophy to agriculture.


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