Liquor for less: A student guide to drink specials in the city

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While alcohol may not necessarily be crucial to the university experience, it often plays a central role in social activities and outings when consumed responsibly. Getting the bang for your buck on drink specials is important in keeping both your wallet and your glass full.

Although you save a substantial amount of money by purchasing alcohol from the liquor store, many students enjoy the setting that certain bars provide. Whether you’re out to watch the game, ready to hit the dance floor or on stage singing off-key karaoke, many bars throughout Saskatoon cater towards different activities where you’re bound to order an alcoholic beverage.

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Drink specials for the broke student.

Many establishments have certain drink specials which correspond to a type of beverage on a certain day of the week. Outlined below are a selection of bars and restaurants which have become well-known by University of Saskatchewan students for their cheap drinks that pair with a fun-filled night.


Original Joe’s

On Tuesdays, Original Joe’s has half-off all of their wine varieties — glasses and bottles included. The restaurant has an abundance of televisions which makes it an ideal setting to watch the game, while the cozy booths and tables make it a good setting to catch up with friends.


If you couldn’t get enough from Wine Tuesday at Original Joe’s, keep the party rolling until Wednesday where Earls has half-off all red, white and sparkling wine. Before the fall weather kicks into cool temperatures, make sure to grab a table on Earls’ patio for an ambient and relaxed environment.



Louis’ is notorious among students for Toonie Tuesday where draft beer is on special for $2 after 7 p.m. Given that Louis’ is on campus, Toonie Tuesday is the perfect way to treat yourself after a long study session or more realistically, to procrastinate from your academic obligations.

Winston’s Pub and Grill

For specialty beer drinkers, Winston’s has a selection of over 72 taps available and corresponding drink specials based on the certain variety of beer. On Mondays, Winston’s has $6 domestic IPA pints and $8 imported IPA pints. On Wednesdays, domestic craft pints are $6, and imported craft pints are $8. Although specialty beers tend to fall on the pricey side, Winston’s specials will save you some extra cash on your night out.


The Colonial Pub and Grill

The Colonial is Saskatoon’s renowned dive-bar which has become the “Sunday Funday” hotspot for students wanting strong drinks for low prices. The Colonial has $3.25 single highballs, $6.50 double highballs and $8.50 triple highballs from 9 p.m. until closing from Sunday to Thursday. In addition, the Colonial has karaoke available upon request for those wanting to channel their inner Adele.

The Sutherland Bar

The Sutherland Bar, which is more commonly known by students as “the Scuzz” has a reputation for being, in simple terms, a scuzzy place. Despite the negative implications of its nickname, the Scuzz is equipped with a dance floor, loud music, pool tables, VLTs and lots of seating, which makes for a bumping place to spend your Saturday night. From 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, the Scuzz has $2.25 single highballs, $4.50 double highballs and $6.75 triple highballs.


Hudsons Canada’s Pub

Hudsons showcases its Canadian pride through none other than their $5 signature caesar special every Sunday. Hudsons has a spacious environment filled with televisions at every angle, making it an ideal location to spend game day. If caesars aren’t the drink for you, Hudsons also has $5 bottles of Budweiser or Bud Light all day on Sundays.


Whether you’re meeting friends or on a date, Milestones is the perfect location for a nice night out. It has both a dining room and a lounge to cater towards your evening vibe. On Tuesdays, Milestones has its Original Bellini (1.5 oz.) on special for $4.50, and its Bellini Bowl (3 oz.) on for $6.50. If these sugary drinks aren’t for you, Milestones also has 18 ounce glasses of Stella Artois for $7.

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