Get to know your 2016-17 U of S Students’ Union executive

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“How are you planning to make life better for students at the U of S this year?”

Kehan Fu, USSU president

“The one thing that I want to do for students in terms of a larger strategic mandate … is ramp-up in every possible way the government advocacy, government lobbying and government communications between [the USSU], the larger student body and the Ministry of Advanced Education. This ties into everything from post-secondary funding to ensuring more student support services.

“The second most important part that I see being done for students on campus is improving, increasing awareness and providing more services for all areas related to digital literacy … It’s an important part for every student to sort of understand how [digital technologies are] already changing our lives [and] how that can be used to improve everything from academic experiences to [students] finding a job.”

Emmanauel Barker, vice-president operations and finance

“I really like the idea of allowing students to do whatever it is that’s important to them. And one of my major responsibilities is being the chair of the budget and USSU Group Funnyfinance committee for the USSU and that administers funding to the student groups. So, the student group funding pool has increased from $40,000 to $50,000 this year and what we’re trying to do is make sure that more student groups have access to that funding.”

“What is the most important thing you plan to do this year in your position?”

Brooke Malinoski, vice-president academic affairs

“I think the most important thing that I am planning on doing is [to focus] on the importance of the advocacy role of the VP academic in the students’ union and assisting students with appeals and grievances. I think that it’s not the sole responsibility of the students’ union to do this and I think that … it’s really important that the university recognizes this and they establish a position to better assist students with advising them on policy, be it academic, be it other policy at the university. So, I’m looking to explore and push forward the creation of an ombudsperson at the U of S.”

Renata Huyghebaert, vice-president student affairs

“Some of the things I would like to focus on this year is the student life experience, student wellness, which encapsulates mental health and a strong mental health strategy. I have been focusing on the areas of sustainability and how that benefits students, as well as something I’m very excited about: I’m focusing on women in leadership and achievement. We’re starting a brand new week celebrating female student achievement on campus in January.”

“What made-up sport would you win gold at the Olympics for?”

Fu: Pod racing from Star Wars … N64 pod racing is hype. I want to destroy other racers and ram them into the sand dunes of Tatooine and feel like I’m the chosen one, using the Force to fly at hundreds of miles per hour.

Barker: Sending stalker snapchats to my co-workers.

Malinoski: Sleeping. I am the best sleeper ever. I didn’t realize it was a skill until other people told me that they are insomniacs or once they wake up they can’t get back to sleep. I can sleep anywhere.

Huyghebaert: I would probably be brunch queen … I go for brunch every single week or I make brunch for my friends. I’m obsessed with brunch.

“If there was a movie made about your life, what genre would it be and who would play you?”

Fu: If I had a movie made about me, it would be something related with space … I would want to have Po, Kung Fu Panda, play me … Then I could be a human panda [who] knows kung-fu and loves noodles. That is the dream.  

Barker: It would be one of the Clint Eastwood movies that’s really washed-up, like Million Dollar Baby or Gran Torino or something, where he’s obviously past his prime except … they’d just put him in makeup so that he looked a little bit younger.

Malinoski: It’d probably be some kind of … straight-to-TV Disney film with this young girl coming out who can’t really act … If I could actually, in a dream world, have someone play me it would be Alison Brie. More so just because I want to be Alison Brie and I want to have her sense of humour.

Huyghebaert: I absolutely love The Mindy Project, so Mindy Lahiri. I love her so much! She’s totally me, that’s what I’m like in real life. I totally think that a movie about me would be … a slice-out-of-life piece and it would be played by Mindy Kaling.  

Jessica Klaassen-Wright / News Editor

Photos: Jeremy Britz / Photo Editor