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Sugar & Spice advice column: 2016 edition

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Q: I recently broke up with my girlfriend, but the problem is that we were in the same friend group. It’s annoying because she wants to keep our friends as hers, but so do I, and I can’t stand to be around her in the same room. What should I do? I basically just want her to find new friends. — Liam

Sugar: Things are always tough after a break-up. You both need your space and if that means finding a new group of friends, then maybe take some time apart. Don’t ask friends to pick a side and draw lines, that will just get messy. If you need space, allow yourself to take some time apart — even if that means from your friend group too.

Spice: Think about it. Do you really want to be friends with people low enough to be friends with your ex?

Q: I want to make a New Year’s resolution to get a girlfriend, but I have no luck with the ladies. How can I actually accomplish this? — Theo

Sugar: Well Theo, hoverboards seem to be a surefire way to get girls these days, so there’s always that. But if sliding into romance isn’t your style, four leaf clovers have been proven to increase luck in 90 per cent of cereal consumers.

Spice: What do I look like, Reddit? I’m not going to even waste my time on this one.

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