U of S style: how to shine this holiday season

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Even with final exams looming, it’s never too early to start looking forward to some well-deserved rest and relaxation and to celebrate the holiday season in style. The holidays offer a bevy of festivities, so why not honour the end of exams with a little bit of holiday glitz and glamour?

Though it’s impossible to go wrong with a little black dress or a timeless suit, adding a pop of colour can undercut the monotony and do wonders for your outfit. Sequins, gold, silver and deep reds and greens are all classic go-tos that can guide you in making the perfect festive ensemble.

These University of Saskatchewan students share their tips for creating the perfect holiday look, which will hopefully spark some inspiration for your own.

Dave Alport. Age 26.2

The College of Dentistry, fourth year.

Tell us about your outfit.

The suit is Hugo Boss from their outlet in Calgary. My shirt is also Hugo Boss from my dad’s closet in the late 90s — a good shirt never goes out of style. My shoes are from Steve Madden.

What are your favourite holiday trends?

Peacoats and scarves, wool pants and suits when you’re dressing up and can I say rum and eggnog? Is that a fashion trend?

What are some of your favorite places to shop for the holidays?

My go-to now is The Bay — they rebranded a while ago and are hitting 20–30 somethings for really good prices, but find a tailor first. Anthony’s Fashion for Men on Second Avenue. Caswell’s if you just got a paycheque — there are also a lot of good custom companies now like EPH apparel or Indochino that are student-budget friendly.

Why is dressing well important to you?

It comes with the job. No one wants a dentist in a Huskies hoodie and sweats putting a needle in their mouth. Having said that, I’ve always tried to dress nice — it portrays confidence, which is something you want your dentist to have if you’re going to trust him. In any job where you’re dealing with people, you should try and look professional.

Chloe Guillou. Age 20.3

The College of Arts and Science, linguistics, second year.

What are your favourite holiday trends?

My favourite holiday trends this year are knitted sweaters, patterned leggings and over-the-top holiday dresses!

What are your favourite places to shop for the holidays?

In [Saskatoon] they are Tonic, Frakas and Winners. My outfit came from Tonic!

Why is dressing well important to you?

To me, dressing well is important because it’s a way to express myself. My mood changes every day and my style changes along with it.


Brad Ross. Age 23.

4Edwards School of Business, second year.

Tell us about your outfit.

My suit is from Banjo Outpost, by Premium. The shirt is from Ultimo Euromoda and my tie and pocket square are both from Sprezzabox.com.

What are your top three must-haves for this holiday season?

I think a wool peacoat in grey or black, a big thick sweater or cardigan and dress shoes or boots with a rubber sole to handle our weather. Do not wear leather-soled shoes in the snow!

What advice can you give to students on how to dress for the holiday party season?

Keep it simple; a good shirt and tie with a sweater will go a long way when you’re sucking up to grandma to buy your textbooks next semester. Only wear the tacky sweaters, ties and other novelty items if that is the point of the party. If it’s a truly formal event, a navy suit or grey suit paired with softer colours will stand out without being outrageous like your uncle’s Rudolph tie — the one that lights up and sings at you.

Nicole Lee. Age 25.1

The College of Nursing, fourth year.

Tell us about your outfit.

I bought my dress online at LuLus.com. My shoes are from Steve Madden and my bracelet is Kate Spade purchased at The Bay. I also bought my necklace online at Forever21.com.

What part of holiday fashion do you look forward to the most?

I love going to Christmas parties and seeing what outfits or dresses the other girls are wearing. It’s great to see what jewelry or shoes other girls pair with a dress that you may have something similar to. I also must admit, I love a guy in a nice suit, so seeing the guys dress up for the holiday season is an added bonus.

What is some advice for students on dressing for the holiday party season?

Living on a student budget can be difficult, so keeping an eye out for sales or promotional deals is always important. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day are three days during the holiday season where you can almost always find great deals for shopping.

Lyndall Mack

Photos: Caitlin Taylor / Photo Editor