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Sugar & Spice advice column: October 29, 2015 edition

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Q: How can I save money as a student? It’s rough to be spending so much money on stuff and not be working. — Olivia

Sugar: You’d be amazed how easy it is to cut back on your expenses! Spending too much on textbooks? Consider checking them out from the library instead. Tired of wearing out your clothes? Invest in one sturdy pair of denim pants that you can wear everyday. Can’t afford to Netflix and chill? Never underestimate the erotic powers of YouTube.

Spice: Time to end your prescription to PornHub.

Q: I’m having a really hard time picking a Halloween costume! What’s a good idea for a costume this year? — Edgar

Sugar: The pop-up Halloween stores around the city always have a wide variety of unique and non-offensive costume options! Choosing a costume from the Halloween store will guarantee that you will have a one of a kind costume that will offend no one!

Spice: Stick your face through a box and you’re a dead ringer for a pepperoni pizza.

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