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Turn to Twitter to immerse in campus culture

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Getting your daily dose of University of Saskatchewan news, information and humour is easier than ever with the increasingly-embraced outlet of Twitter. Many departments and organizations on campus now maintain accounts, with their tweets ranging from informative to downright silly.

Here are the essential accounts to follow to get you started and keep you involved in every aspect of U of S life.

For the practical-minded Twitter user, @usaskSECC, the Student Employment & Career Centre’s account, is a must-follow. They post job interview tips, resumé advice and job opportunities as they come up. The account is consistently active, posting frequently. This is a good one to have on your feed when your bank account starts showing the strain of those weekend nights at the bar.

Another helpful account is @USaskPS, which posts protective services announcements for the campus community. Stay safe on campus while reading their feed, which contains information on road closures, criminal activity, emergency procedures and much more. It’s a simple way to stay up to date on the latest safety precautions on campus.

When midterms and finals roll around, you’ll be glad to have @USaskWellness on your Twitter homepage. The account shares information on wellness resources on campus, as well as general tips for overall health — for example, tips for ensuring fully-cooked meat on the BBQ and options for exercise on campus. In the fall, they are sure to address stress relief and options for students struggling with mental illness — important information for any student.

If you’d like even more wellness in your Twitter feed, check out @UofSRecServices, Campus Recreation Services’ account. They post tons of information on the Physical Activity Complex, opportunities for student intramural teams and the latest sports events. Follow these guys and stay in the know about your recreation options — part of your student fees go toward it, so why not take advantage?

Speaking of sports, if you’re an athletics junkie, be sure to follow @HuskiesAthletics. This is the official account for all Huskies sports teams which posts results, game previews, athlete news and everything in-between. Many teams, such as men’s football, have their own accounts as well, in case your sports craving isn’t satisfied by a general overview.

Don’t worry if sports aren’t your thing, though — there are plenty of options for the U of S news junkie as well. Head over to @USSUExec to hear from your U of S Students’ Union representatives. They post info on prevalent student issues like the U-Pass, as well as links to local and national political happenings. They’ll also help you out with links to alternative textbook options and reminders of add/drop course deadlines.

For another side to the story, you can also follow the official account of our  U of S president, currently Gordon Barnhart, at @UsaskPresOffice. Though it isn’t always Barnhart himself tweeting, the account still provides a good overview of what’s newsworthy at the U of S. Expect tweets about the newest innovations in various departments and the latest on Aboriginal relations within the university. Oh, and sometimes Barnhart will wish you a happy weekend.

These accounts are great for keeping informed, but sometimes you turn to your Twitter feed for a break and all you want is a laugh. Look no farther than @USASKCOWS. Yes, the iconic bovine inhabitants of the U of S campus have their own hilarious Twitter account.

The cows make their opinions known, occasionally alluding to an “uprising” they are collectively plotting to take over campus from the humans. Their tweets range from funny references to the latest local and national news: “We are of the feeling that @JustinTrudeau doesn’t care about cows. This saddens us,” to amusing attempts to further their cow agendas — “We are of the feeling there should be more chicken in your life.” They usually tweet several times daily and it’s always great for a chuckle.

Twitter is a quick and efficient way to get tiny bites of information, and by following these accounts, your between-classes scroll will keep you up to date on everything that matters to you on campus.

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