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Tired of studying? TV series are here to help!

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The start of term is looming — textbooks surround me, and somehow readings have already been assigned. There is some serious studying to be done. So naturally, I find myself scrolling through the many categories of Netflix.

Every student knows that nothing is better than a great TV show to distract yourself from mountains of homework. Here are my sure-fire favourite shows to get your binge-watching procrastination off to a great start.

On the top on my list for a dramatic series is Game of Thrones. It has a great cast, captivating script, stunning locations and an engrossing story line that constantly leaves you in suspense. What makes this show different from other series is the difficulty of identifying a clear protagonist and antagonist. It plays with the idea of what is right, wrong, good and bad, with the result that you never quite know who you are rooting for.

Fair warning though, this isn’t a show you can watch lightly. It has heavy subject matter and needs your full attention, but it’s well worth it. So if you crave a break from reality, enter the world of Game of Thrones and feel no regret. The series is available on DVD and online on HBO on Demand.Netflix - Caitlin Taylor

If you aren’t a big fan of fantasy, check out HBO’s The Wire. It first aired in 2002 and is comprised of five seasons. The series portrays the Baltimore drug scene as seen through the eyes of both the drug dealers and the law enforcement. It is incredibly realistic as it explores political and social themes that were and are present not only in Baltimore but around the world. The plot lines are fascinating and I can easily say it is one of my favourite shows. Check it out on DVD or online on HBO on Demand.

If you want to indulge your dark side, check out these black comedies. The first series I recommend is comedy legend Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. This show is filled with so many cringe-worthy moments and inappropriate jokes that you, as the viewer, begin to question how this show could have ever aired. Then you remember it’s on HBO.

If Curb Your Enthusiasm contains too much vicarious embarrassment for you to handle, then try out political comedy Veep starring Seinfeld’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus. For the past three consecutive years, Dreyfus has won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a comedy series for her portrayal of Selina Meyer in Veep, vice president of the United States. The show follows the antics in her office. Both Curb Your Enthusiasm and Veep are on DVD and online on HBO on Demand.

Another dark comedy that is surprisingly underrated is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Ten seasons have aired and it has just been renewed for an 11th and 12th season. If you’re going to tackle this series, I recommend skipping the first season, as the show really picks up in season two when Danny DeVito joins the cast — don’t worry, you won’t miss anything important. You can watch it on Netflix or on DVD. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, along with the previously mentioned comedies, are hilariously dark and incredibly funny.

When you’re knee-deep in exams and essay writing, the study blues may kick in, so turn to some light comedy to lift your spirits. Give Brooklyn Nine Nine a try, starring Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg. The episodes are only 20 minutes long and the first two seasons are on Netflix, a perfect setup for binge-watching. High expectations have been set for season three of this Emmy award winning sitcom as SNL funnyman Bill Hader joins the cast. Season three begins Sep. 27, airing on Fox.

So push aside those textbooks, leave that essay for later and check out some of these great TV series! Happy procrastinating!

Photo: Caitlin Taylor/Photo Editor

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