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Sugar daddies baby U of S students

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SugarDaddyTuition costs are only going to increase in the coming years at the University of Saskatchewan, so it’s no surprise that students are finding alternative ways to acquire cash without going into debt.

In some cases, U of S students — 78 in total according to an article from Global News — are turning to older members of the community to make their financial dreams a reality within the confines of a mutually beneficial relationship. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing wrong with being a sugar daddy or baby.

While it’s easy to find disgust in this form of relationship, I vote that as long as the relationship remains a mutually beneficial one, there’s no harm in taking part.

And don’t worry if you’re a self-proclaimed sugar momma or find yourself with a non-heteronormative sexual orientation, there are people out there for you too!

If you’re looking for a mutually beneficial relationship that will ease your lifestyle as a young adult, or add some zest to your quality of life as an older person, think about pursuing a relationship with a sugar daddy or baby. Websites are offering excellent options for finding exactly what you might be looking for. Pay close attention because you may just fit the mold of one of these archetypes.

One website describes a modern gentleman as someone who is “always respectful and generous,” going on further to say that these gentlemen may call themselves “a mentor, sponsor or benefactor.” Honesty with what you expect as a modern gentleman — and with what you can expect out of your future arrangements — are both key philosophies for the website as well.

Wasn’t it Virginia Woolf who said that a woman should have 500 pounds per year? Perhaps having a personal benefactor isn’t such a bad idea. Then again, Woolf also argued that a woman should have a room with a lock on her door. She wasn’t a sugar baby by any means, but she kind of alluded to this concept in her writing.

If you do think that having a personal benefactor might be a good idea, consider being a sugar baby. If you happen to be “attractive, intelligent, ambitious and goal orientated,” then you’re already halfway there. But if you do want to encompass the title of sugar baby, you’ll have to also be a struggling student, actor, model or a girl or guy-next-door according to most websites.

Basically, you can’t be a sugar baby if you are ugly or make a hefty salary. Sorry to be blunt, but I’m just the messenger.

Furthermore, sugar babies should want to be with someone who will pamper, empower and help them on mental, emotional and financial levels according to those kinds of wesbsites. While it isn’t explicitly said that sugar babies are gold diggers, it is certainly  implied that sugar babies won’t deal with any broke individuals.

Reporters at the Sheaf conducted some investigative jounrnalism, making a profile online just to see who was out there. To be honest, there are a lot of hotties on this site. There are also a lot of people who are almost as attractive as a potato covered in dirt, but don’t let that deter you. Perhaps another website might offer a better selection.

The general consensus among sugar babies and daddies is that they are all looking for very specific relationships. Sugar daddies post how much their net worth is, explicitly stating what kind of lady they’re looking for; sugar babies on the other hand state their financial needs. I guess it’s win-win for those involved.

According to Global News, sugar babies on average receive about $3,000 per month. From a purely practical standpoint, if you decided to seek an arrangement for a year, you could easily make enough from your benefactor to pay for a four-year degree, depending on the college you’re in — not to mention the other perks that would accompany that money.

But we needn’t forget about the numerous downsides to such an arrangement as well.

Naturally I’m quite wary of this website and what it offers. While these sites explicitly state that escorts are not allowed to use their services, the exchange that is expected to take place seems iffy at best. I mean, getting your tuition paid along with free meals out, clothes, jewelry and trips all for entertaining an older, well-established man or woman just by being yourself is a far-fetched trade off. But it happens.

While it’s not for everyone, there is obviously a niche market for it. A lot of 20-somethings like to date older men and women, so why does it matter if there’s a bit of cash involved in the exchange? I just hope that both parties involved are consenting adults who have the best of intentions for each other.

The fact that tuition is so high that U of S students have already felt the need to seek an arrangement to aid them financially is a bit alarming. But it’s merely a practical solution to a problem that exists for all university students.

Some of us have registered education savings plans or scholarships which contribute greatly to our tuition, while others have to work two jobs throughout the year just to survive. Becoming a sugar baby is just another option to consider. You may very well have a problem with this type of solution depending on your morals or values, but don’t hate on those who do it.

According to Global News, “the U of S ranks 13th on the list of Canada’s fastest growing ‘sugar baby’ schools with more and more students cashing in.”

Not surprisingly, universities in bigger centres like Toronto, Guelph and Edmonton are closer to the top of the list for students who seek arrangements online.

That being said, there are plenty of sugar daddies in Saskatoon — 743 to be exact — so don’t think living in a bigger city is of any benefit to sugar babies. These sugar daddies earn an average of $250,000 a year according to one website.

The bottom line is that seeking a post-secondary education is expensive. If dating someone who just wants to have fun and spoil you means that you get some relief from your bills, go for it. While this wouldn’t be my first choice, I won’t judge you and neither should anyone else.

Graphic: Mike Tremblay

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