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A love affair with USask Confessions

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USASK Confessions

Unlike other Facebook pages, USask Confessions is an empowering outlet that enables patrons to voice their opinions while acting as a space for online connections with others.

I’m sure many of you are aware of the USask Confessions page on Facebook. It started early this calendar year and I am not afraid to admit that I’m an addict. From the first time I saw the page I have faithfully read all of the posts, and have also made a few confessions of my own. I have read through topics ranging from love to war and I’m still a fan.

At first I was scared to send in anything too personal. My feelings of apprehension included not knowing who exactly was in charge of the page and the fear that the Usask community would judge me too harshly.

But as the page progressed, I saw more and more real life confessions and began to realize the empowerment that this soapbox could provide on both a personal level and in connecting with others. I began identifying confessions I wanted to make, and sent them in.

I loved the feeling I had the first time my confession was published. It was that first touch, that first kiss, that magical first moment.

My favourite thing about the page is being able to confess things without fear of judgement. Providing a forum where we can discuss problems anonymously has helped me a lot.

I have also been able to make a friend through the page who has similar viewpoints and has become quite important in my life. I am glad the page gave me this opportunity.

Sometimes my confessions are not posted, and it hurts like a love that never was. In these times I know I have crossed the line or that what I have written is incredibly boring or poorly thought out. While I may be frustrated that my confessions are not accepted, I am also glad that the administration in charge of the page does not post absolutely everything. Running a page with 10,000 followers must take an incredible amount of moral and social responsibility and I am glad that it is done well.

Despite my multiple attempts to figure out who is behind the page, I don’t know who it is that I have been confessing my life story to. This is alright though because I have learned to trust them.

Besides, the chance of the administrators being someone I know is very rare. I often wonder if it is that strange girl in my class, or if it’s one of my professors. The gossipy vibe seems to add to the excitement.

USask Confessions also provides a great way for people on campus to stay in touch and connect with each other, which may be why it’s so popular. The page often goes through stages when people get really worked up about a specific confession and write something similar. If you are unaware of what I mean by this, I would like to share what I have witnessed.

In October, a month that I now refer to as “Doortober,” someone initially wrote a confession about holding the door open for people which resulted in many rage posts about the topic. Open a door for a girl? How chauvinistic! Don’t hold it open? Impolite bastard! From these discussions I’ve learned much about life — namely, do not hold the door open for anyone. No one seems to win when it comes to the door issue. Who knew that a polite act could be so offensive?!

Similarly, in “Uggvember” it became totally clear that everyone hates Uggs even though they are oh so comfy. Furthermore, definitely don’t expect a man to hold the door open for you if you are wearing Uggs. Wearing these boots is a fashion mishap, and you will be punished.

I wonder what will come out in December. The anticipation is killing me. I predict there will be more of the “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays” debate or something about hating on finals, but I could be wrong. All I know is that I will be comfortably soaking up every minute of it in my Uggs.

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