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DC villains conquer September comics

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Sadly the Riddler wil not stick with this fashion statement.
Sadly the Riddler wil not stick with this fashion statement.

Since launching The New 52 in 2011, DC comics has been anything but conventional. September of 2011 saw the revamp of the entire DC universe, where none of the titles currently being written were safe from cancellation, and 52 ‘new’ publications emerged.

DC Comics’ creative team is prepared to make this September “Forever Evil” as they gear up for another unprecedented event, in 2013. All of DC’s regular titles will be put on hold for the month as the villains take over the publications.

In September of 2012, DC’s regular titles were all on hold for a month to allow each series the release of an issue number zero, depicting an origin story of its main star. Now they’re doing something similar in moving over to the dark side and expanding on its heavy roster of frightening baddies.

In place of DC’s usual offerings, 52 one shots will be released throughout September of this year. Each will feature a major villain from DC’s vast rogues gallery, as well as a subtitle relating it to a major DC publication. For instance Joker #1 will also feature the title Batman #23.1 and Riddler #1 will be Batman #23.2. Other villains to be featured include the resourceful Lex Luther, the all-powerful Darkseid and the hyper-intelligent Gorilla Grodd.

The change in point of view is a sensible decision for the company. Super-villains have grown to be as popular and central to the superhero mythos as the heroes themselves. Without good, captivating villains, the heroes are nothing.

There’s something undeniably appealing about exploring the less heroic side of the DC universe as the heroes take a well month long break.

Before the comics even hit the stands, it’s easy to pick out some of the instant hits. Among them are the rampaging Doomsday — best known as Superman’s killer — and Lobo, the intergalactic bounty hunter, sporting a much anticipated new look. The Joker, a longtime favourite among diehards whose popularity exploded after Heath Ledger’s iconic take on the role, is likewise expected to be a boon for DC. Although, another classic villain that is sure to sell big is Lex Luthor, Superman’s most iconic foe.

With a staggering 52 comics featuring 52 treacherous rogues, this September is bound to be a month of unparalleled villainous fun.

Graphic: andertoons/flickr

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