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New food truck hits Saskatoon streets

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Chuck Prongua and his fresh new hot dog-slinging wheels.
Chuck Prongua and his fresh new hot dog-slinging wheels.

Saskatoon foodies have something to rejoice over as Saskatoon has finally gained its first food truck in Disco Dog.

The truck was co-founded by Chuck Prongua, who manages daily operations, with his financial backer Kos Kosmas after the two learned of a pilot program for food trucks being passed in Saskatoon

Disco Dog is far more than an average hot dog stand. For an extra dollar, famished patrons can forego the traditional wiener and ramp up their hot dog game into the wonderful world of smoked sausage.

More than just the usual hot dog.
More than just the usual hot dog.

Not only are they bringing the big meat, Porngua and his team are dressing it up in some unique ways. The “Texas Shocker,” for example, includes bacon, crunchy peanut butter and barbecue sauce. A bizarre mixture like this is refreshing to the palette and is exactly the kind of original twist on an old favorite that one hopes to find at a food truck.

There’s also the “Red Rooster”, which is topped with scrambled eggs and maple syrup and is essentially the perfect breakfast or cure for that pounding hangover.

Some of the dogs include secret ingredients that Prongua would not reveal, but they just add to the decadent flavours available.

Already there has been an overflow of enthusiasm for the food truck — especially from the late night bar crowd. “Last night I was parked on Broadway — and this is the main thing keeping me going — I have never, ever, in my entire life witnessed a frenzy of consumers of maybe 200 people crowded in front of our truck,” Prongua said.

“We have a disco light going. We have music going. We’ve got the smell of bacon cooking. It’s like a drunk person’s paradise,” he added.

The idea for a ridiculous disco inspired hot dog truck began as a joke between friends, but Prongua made that joke a delicious reality.

He recalled a moment of inspiration he was “out working on a construction site with only 30 minutes to eat and nothing nearby just dreaming that a food truck would drive by.”

He’s now aiming to be that food truck delivering quick and delicious food to the masses. There’s a lot of hard work to keep up with the demand that the truck has encountered, but seeing people enjoy his food is something Prongua can’t resist.

Disco Dog will not be alone for long however. The owner of Weczeria Food & Wine is set to debut a truck of his own, Joy Ride, in the coming weeks.

If these trends continue, it looks like there’s going to be a boom in the food truck industry here in Saskatoon that is hopefully a full-on summer trend for years to come.

Photo: Mothwurks

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