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Canada’s JT can do more than rock your body

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Justin Trudeau’s hair, while undoubtedly fabulous, shouldn’t distract us from a serious discussion about his leadership bid.

Justin Trudeau provided the Liberals with the shot in the arm they desperately need Oct. 2 when he announced his bid for Liberal leadership, picking up Trudeaumania right where it left off with his father Pierre.

I have read glowing report after glowing report on Trudeau and his hair — oh God, the hair! The media in this country is losing its collective mind over his hair and many citizens are choosing to criticize the media for this.

There are several legitimate concerns that could instead be the focus.

Many critics, who look to his slim political resume with worry, are concerned about the impending possibility of the coronation of another Trudeau. The idea that many great candidates will sit out of the Liberal leadership race for fear of going against a Trudeau has many people worried that the Liberal party is continuing its old pattern of electing rashly without much forethought. This behaviour is one of the reasons the party has had seven leaders in the last nine years.

However, the people seem to be begging for Trudeau. He has been positioned as a potential leader since he became a member of Parliament in 2007. After Bob Rae announced he would not be seeking leadership at the Liberal convention in 2013, Trudeau was flooded with calls urging him to reconsider running for leadership.

Why not give the people what they want? He is young, charismatic and seemingly genuine. When you listen to him speak you get the idea that he is a man who believes what he says, from advocating for artists’ copyright rights to the implementation of a Harmonized Sales Tax. It may be that his charisma and hair are piquing people’s interest but if his charm urges people to look at larger issues is that bad?

I have to admit it was the hair that drove me to write this article but it’s his policies that captivated me. I am looking forward to getting to know Justin Trudeau better politically in the coming months.

I am bored of listening to the lacklustre ways our Harper government continues to “keep house” and more could be done. I am especially tired of staring into the eyes our Chucky doll Prime Minister. Thanks for the economy Steve; what else can you do for me? Something seems to be brewing with the Liberals and even if it’s another disaster it should be interesting to watch. If you are like my grandmother and love Justin Trudeau’s hair and butt, feel free to stay tuned for those reasons. Just don’t forget the politics.

Photo: Adam Scott/Flickr

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