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Election results: Jared Brown named next USSU President; Steven Heidel, Ruvimbo Kanyemba and Alex Werenka fill out executive

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The polls have closed and the 2012-2013 USSU executive has been elected. The results of the election are below. This year’s election turnout was 16%, a noticeable increase over last year’s 8%.

Keep an eye on the paper or next week for more in-depth coverage of the new USSU executive.

Jared Brown is a 4th Year Sociology student.

President: Jared Brown

[box type=”info”]Number of votes: 819 [/box]

Jared Brown said he is ecstatic about his victory and that it is going to take an hour or so before the realization kicks in. Once the euphoria wears off, he said he will reach out to past executives for ideas and inspiration for the next term. Addressing criticisms faced for his webcam feed, Brown said that the idea was “cute, but had no substance.”

Brown ran for USSU President because he believes that he brings a much-needed social lens to the operations of the USSU. He has paid a lot of attention to the social undertakings that the USSU has embraced over the past year and has always felt there has been a lot more that could be done to encourage students, promote safety and utilize creative initiatives to help with student’s everyday life.

Brown credits Marylou Mintram as playing a large role in his victory. She spent a number of late nights campaign planning with Brown, and also helped design his posters.


Trevor Paschke: 622 votes
David Konkin: 790 votes
403 abstain votes

Steven Heidel is a 3rd year Honours Computer Science student.

VP Operations & Finance: Steven Heidel

[box type=”info”]Number of votes: 1284 [/box]

Steven Heidel on his victory: “I learned that the best way to connect with students is to just walk around and approach them. The first thing I want to do is work with Reid Nystuen to make sure any projects he’s working on are continued next year.”

Heidel also wants to look into his campaign promises and make sure he lives up to them, including allocating more money to campus groups and striving for a balanced budget


Jenna Moellenbeck: 891 votes
459 abstain votes

Ruvimbo Kanyemba is a 5th year student of Psychology & Crime, Law and Justice Studies.

VP Academic: Ruvimbo Kanyemba

[box type=”info”]Number of votes: 1244[/box]

For the past five years, Kanyemba has worked with and represented students as a Resident Assistant, Resident Advisor and USSU Student Crew/Safewalk Coordinator. She looks forward to putting the wealth of experience and knowledge she has gained to representing students at the university. She believes it is very important that executive members are aware of what the USSU can and cannot do, as time and resources could be wasted on pursuing goals that cannot be attained.


Marylou Mintram: 724 votes
666 abstain votes

Alex Werenka is a 5th Year Arts & Science student.

VP Student Affairs: Alex Werenka

[box type=”info”]Number of votes in support: Enough [/box]

In an earlier interview with the Sheaf, Werenka outlined her primary goals as VP Student Affairs.

She will aim to increase the availability of affordable childcare for students, stress student housing issues, and try to step up student involvement and engagement, all while combating rampant student apathy. She will also invest a portion of her time in seeking out more support for students with mental health issues, and will hopefully spark an initiative to reduce waste by promoting more sustainable on-campus initiatives.

Werenka ran unopposed and thoroughly trounced her non-opponents.

Photos: Raisa Pezderic/The Sheaf

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