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Spring fashion on and off the runway

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What to wear to get in the fashion of the season


As the snow continues to melt and the puddles continue to grow, it’s time to put away the parkas, toques and gloves to make room for shorts, skirts and dresses. Of course the most essential item for this puddle-jumping season is a pair of rain boots, but there are endless items to pair them with.

Accessories are the easiest way to add some spring into an outfit and are also easy on the wallet. In addition to rain boots, classic white sneakers and sandals go great with the warmer temperatures, and light scarves are an easy way to ward off a sudden cold breeze.

With the days getting longer and the sky getting brighter, it’s finally time to change out of the dark and dreary colours of winter. Spring is the perfect time to add some colour to your wardrobe and the colour palette for this year is especially bright. A bright bag is an easy way to add a pop of colour to an otherwise bland outfit and long strings of beads are an easy way to add texture.

The most eye-catching hues for the season are tangerine, Kelly green, citron yellow and coral pink.

On the more subdued side, pastel shades are a softer way to add a little pop to an outfit. For the colour-shy, white is a refreshing change and will look great with the spring flowers — just make sure to watch out for grass stains when lounging in the Bowl.

After spending months bundled up in endless layers nothing is a greater celebration of spring than wearing as few as possible. Dresses are the perfect mix of classroom-appropriate and date-ready fun. Hemlines and sleeve lengths have also gotten longer with midi dresses and long-sleeved dresses providing the perfect transition between freezing and scorching temperatures. Eyelet and lace are no longer reserved for Sunday brunch but look both classic and young.

Spring prints often draw inspiration from the flora of the season but now inspiration is also coming from the fauna. Floral prints are always a safe bet for spring, but for a change a bird print is a great alternative. Another great way to wear prints in an unexpected way is to move them south. For the more adventurous, printed pants are a fresh take on the classic spring floral. They may sound bizarre at first but they are a great way to deviate from the jeans that take over campus at this time of year.

Spring is a transitional season, which means it’s not time to abandon a coat just yet. There’s nothing better than a trench coat for singin’ in the rain and since they now come in many different prints and colours, there’s no reason not to invest in this classic. The perfectly broken-in jean jacket is another great option for those chilly mornings, and a nude leather jacket is an easy way to bring a winter staple into a warmer season. Oversized blazers are another option and always make you look ready to hit the books for finals, even if studying is the last thing on your mind.

Spring runway fashion is full of old trends reinvented


Fashion is innovation — therefore, it is constantly changing, evolving and often reinventing itself. A style that is popular one day and gone the next is not lost forever. Something you thought was lost can re-emerge on a runway and come back stronger than before.

This spring season is really no exception. For the 2012 spring season you can see all the oldies that you may have once loved and forgotten return and reign.

Behold: the return of the midriff.

The ’90s loved to show them off, from cropped tees to tube tops, and now they have come back with a vengeance and a touch of class that was overlooked in the first round. You can see midriffs shining on the runways of Dolce & Gabanna and Miu Miu as well as Emilio Pucci and Acne. The only difference this time is that sophistication is taken into account, pairing midriff tops with pencil skirts and flowing pieces rather than pleather miniskirts or worse. Since it is spring and this particular trend seems to have improved on itself, I say why not? It is getting warm outside after all.

Another blast from the past to notice this season is the return of the deco-flapper look. Most popular in the ’20s, this look has always been around but this spring it’s showing its face in many designers’ collections. From glitzy gowns to flapper cocktail dresses reminiscent of the prohibition/speakeasy days, these dresses are fun, funky and probably here for a while.

The flapper look, consisting of sequins, beads and fringes, is one that should be kept on hand for special occasions or Friday nights. Designers like Armani, Chloe, Ralph Lauren and Gucci have incorporated this style into their shows this season and since spring is the time for rebirth and rejuvenation, dresses that make you want to dance seem just about right. When studying is over and finals are behind us, grabbing a cocktail and donning a strappy dress is a great way to celebrate.

A trend that may be strange for some and very appealing to others is the overwhelming incorporation of sports attire this season, seen in some of the most prestigious fashion houses. Sports attire seemingly doesn’t mesh with regal wear, and yet the biggest fashion houses have somehow worked it into the fabric of the fanciest clothing this season. Floral hoodies, parachute-strap dresses and sleek track pants have been seen from demure designers such as Stella McCartney, Bottega Veneta and Michael Kors. This trend is not for everyone but it is a fun way to play with pieces that once hung in your closet and would never be seen together — opposites attracting, yin and yang, whatever you want to call it. A casual spin on an otherwise fancy outfit is great for the summer months ahead and can easily be taken from day to night and back again.

Fashion has very few rules in this day and age and today’s trends are proof that you don’t have to match colours, fabrics or hold your breath (corsets!) to look chic.

This spring there will be a wide variety of styles to look at and try out, and since fashion is always changing, it’s best to try them sooner rather than later. Who knows? Scrunchies and fanny packs could rear their ugly heads and, dare I say, be worn again.

Graphic: Samantha Braun

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