The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.

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A plea for creative Halloween costumes

“Slutty” Halloween costumes are a perennial cause for complaint despite the fact that, at least in some social groups, they are relatively rare. Like the multitudes, I find them frustrating. Unlike the multitudes, however, this is not because I want to slut-shame anyone; it is because “sexy” costumes are usually so unimaginative.

Dressing is caring, so dress like you care

This is not another in the fine tradition of Sheaf “don’t wear sweatpants” articles. If you wear sweatpants to school, you and I are doing such different things already that this is not even remotely addressed to you. Do your thing. For everyone else, it’s worth keeping in mind that you are always in an

Baby, it’s cold outside — let’s play dress up!

The last few warm days of fall are passing quickly, and long-past are days of shorts, sandals and slinky sundresses. It’s time to layer up. Despite urges to bury ourselves in baggy sweats and oversized toques, or to wear fleece pajamas to class, there are actually ways to stay classy and warm through the winter.

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