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LETTER: Stop wasting my fees, USSU

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Dear USSU,

In reading the Sheaf’s news briefs this week I was extremely angry to read that the USSU is expecting more delays in Place Riel construction.

Originally scheduled to be complete by mid-September 2010, the construction project completion has been pushed back first to November, then to early January, and now is looking at completion in May. On top of that, the USSU’s mis-management of funding has put the project over-budget and the announcement of further delays will probably mean further financial difficulties. None of this is shocking really; Louis’ renovations were finished late and over budget as well. Seems to be a trend with the USSU.

All this construction so the USSU can provide students with more food options and themselves with nicer offices. Sure the campus computer store is prettier, but was it really worth the $22 million?

The Student Health and Counselling Centre might be the only usefull addition to the building but the university had to cut credit card use on campus to pay for it. So I guess students lose to get the same services in a nicer building.

The Sheaf also recently reported on a USSU rally for childcare space on campus. If the USSU feels so strongly that childcare space on campus is a necessity, why don’t they give up their expanded office space in Place Riel in favour of new childcare spaces and stay where they are in the MUB. This way students would actually gain new services for our $22 million.

Stop wasting my fees.

-Candace Brown


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