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The new hardcore: modern porn is awful and I can’t stop watching

The days of being handed a Playboy by your father when you reach puberty are long gone. Children today usually discover the Internet’s pornographic potential by age 11, and the relationship with porn is one that outlasts most others in men’s lives. Despite its seeming ubiquity and variety, there is an inescapable truth about the

Getting spanked by the law: BDSM sexual practices continue to hover in a legal grey area

“Consent is a critical tool in western legal traditions,” says the University of Victoria’s own Dr. Maneesha Deckha in her article “Pain, Pleasure and Consenting Women.” However, BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadomasochism) sexual practices hover in a legal grey area where the law states that people cannot consent to physical harm unless it’s in the

Scares, stigmas and STIs: old taboos shouldn’t prevent communication about sexually transmitted infections

STIs, or sexually transmitted infections, have been a feared and stigmatized topic since biblical times. In contemporary times, we see a prominent stigma surrounding these infections. People are often labelled as “dirty” or “overly promiscuous” due to their affiliation with STIs. These people find themselves affected by a stigma that suggests all STIs are unmanageable

Getting under the covers of erotic literature: a centuries old artform becomes hugely popular in the 21st century

Sex is often moved "underground" and quietly spoken of. It's naughty and R-rated and borders on what's acceptable to share and what's embarrassingly not. Karene Howie and her partner Geoff Haselhurst, both philosophers, maintain a philosophy website called Howie explained that philosophy has largely neglected sex, yet sex is central to human existence and survival

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