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Robert J. Sawyer

Wonder explores the moral complications of artificial intelligence

In his latest novel, Wonder, Canadian author Robert J. Sawyer explores the possible ramifications of the awakening of artificial intelligence. Wonder, the third installment in Sawyer’s WWW trilogy, asks what exactly is a human, and moreover, a life. Sawyer moves away from the typical preconceptions that A.I. will be a threat instead of an asset to

More science than fiction

The large hadron collider is a giant scientific instrument straddling the Switzerland-France border. This fall, the machine will run its first full experiment, recreating energy levels unseen since the big bang. No one knows for sure what will happen but Canadian science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer has a guess.

Canadian author writes international science fiction

The first book in Robert J. Sawyer's new trilogy is different than anything he's ever written. Wake deals with taking a scientific leap of imagination, watching as the World Wide Web gains consciousness. But that's not where the difference lies; Sawyer's books are always imaginative, fresh and engaging. The difference is in the characters.

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