The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.

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Regina student protest on tuition lacked substance

On Feb. 1 in Regina, nearly 200 students took to the streets to protest the increasing costs of post-secondary education. And while I support the idea of highlighting the costly burden of a university education, I believe my fellow students’ efforts are misplaced. Do I wish my classes were more affordable? Of course I do. I

Youth-led advocacy group pressures government to rethink crime bill

n Nov. 24, Leadnow, a youth-led independent advocacy organization, organized a national day of action to protest the federal Conservatives' omnibus crime bill. Citizens from across the country, donning cowboy hats, delivered to MPs' constituency offices petitions and copies of a condemning report released by the Canadian Bar Association, encouraging their members of Parliament not to

From Tahrir Square to Wall Street: the globalization of protest

The protest movement that began in Tunisia in January, subsequently spreading to Egypt, and then to Spain, has now become global, with the protests engulfing Wall Street and cities across America. Globalization and modern technology now enables social movements to transcend borders as rapidly as ideas can. And social protest has found fertile ground everywhere:

The 99% march in Occupy Saskatoon

More than 400 protesters in Saskatoon marched from the University Bridge to Friendship Park in a show of solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement on Oct. 15. This "Day of Global Action" saw groups in 1,445 cities around the world join the movement that began in New York City on Sept. 17. Protesters in Saskatoon

Occupy Wall Street movement spreads to Saskatoon

The Occupy Wall Street movement that recently made headlines in New York is gaining traction across the globe. Similar protests have now been staged or are planned in dozens of cities including London, Boston, Seattle, Toronto — and now Saskatoon. An Occupy Saskatoon march is planned for Oct. 15, starting at the University of Saskatchewan Law

Fight the powers that be: where is the Canadian revolution?

Revolution is upon us, brothers and sisters! Across the globe, hordes of young people are taking to streets, crying for revolution, heckling riot police, smashing a window or two. To some spectators, these demonstrators are reckless anarchists. But the millions of people who have joined revolutions this year aren’t “rioting for the sake of rioting.”

New app tracks police kettling

The practice of pushing protesters together and encircling them is a controversial crowd-control tactic known as "kettling." It has been declared illegal in some countries, but continues to be used in others to subdue mass demonstrations.

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