The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.

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Libraries are radical

Not only is the library a wicked cool place to hang out and get your learn on, it is also one of the most radical places around. In fact, they are a microcosm of what some anarchists believe an ideal society can and should look like.

Advance polls in Place Riel

From Oct. 19 to 23 advance polls will be open in Place Riel to students regardless of which wards they live in. This is the first time early voting has been available on campus for a civic election.

U of S student runs for city council

As if the workload of homework and exams was not enough, one University of Saskatchewan student wants to add on the duties of a city councillor. Justin Lasnier, a fourth year public administration student, is vying for a council seat in the Oct. 28 election.

Pirate Party tries to drop anchor in Canada’s harbour

After years of minority governments, people have gotten used to constant talk of elections. But whether or not Canadians go to the polls this fall, the recently formed Pirate Party of Canada is vying for voters' attention. “A lot of people hear ”˜Pirate Party' and assume that it's all about ”˜get your content for free,' ”

Talking about nuclear war

With debate over the development of nuclear power beginning to heat up, Saskatchewan seems on the brink of a nuclear war of words. The issue came to centre stage last year when the Canadian nuclear power company Bruce Power indicated it was investigating the prospects for developing a commercial-size nuclear reactor

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