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Fighting is just part of the game

When it comes to fighting in the National Hockey League, those who are against it need to take a step back and see banning it will not have the desired effect.

Would we miss hockey fights?

“I almost died from depression, suicide, drugs and alcohol from the depression of violence. I’m living proof that living a violent lifestyle can kill you.” When asked about the effects that fighting has in hockey, that is what former NHL enforcer Jim Thomson said. You might remember Thomson as the recent subject of the boisterous Don

Does fighting still have a place in hockey?

The game of hockey is slowly changing its ways to protect its athletes, with a large emphasis being placed on head injuries. For even longer than the NHL, the junior ranks have been effecting change to prevent trauma to the heads of young athletes.

The fight rages on between disciplines

From the gladiators of ancient Rome to Ali versus Frazier, history demonstrates that combat sports are among the oldest and most enduring forms of athletic endeavour. Today, title bouts in mixed martial arts and boxing attract millions of fans and dollars. Along with soccer, they constitute perhaps the only truly global sports. But fight fans, often like

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