The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.

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War on Christmas over

Mayor Don Atchison has won the war on Christmas with the announcement that the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission has thrown out the complaint over “Merry Christmas!” being electronically displayed on public buses.

Gifts for the person who has everything

Braving the crowds of shoppers during the holiday season is always a challenge, but choosing gifts to buy for loved ones can be worse. Luckily, there are number of ways to still get that person something special without breaking a sweat — or the bank.

Beat the pre-exam blues this December

Longing for a cure for those exam panic attacks? Or perhaps just a change of scenery that doesn’t involve oppressively fluorescent library lighting or coffee-stained textbook pages? Look no further, there is a number of great holiday events to take your mind off the stress.

New Year’s Eve in the mountains of Peru

I woke up in Lima, Peru on Christmas Eve and knew little more than five Spanish phrases — most of which were incomprehensible because of my shabby pronunciation. The following morning, however, I became a bit more optimistic. I downloaded a translation application for my iPhone and knew that this would help me become fluent

A binary Christmas: classic flash games for the holidays

It’s sad but true: there aren’t a lot of Christmas video games out there. Sure, you can dig out your PS2 game adaptation of The Nightmare Before Christmas or load up a holiday-based texture pack in Minecraft or Team Fortress 2, but there’s not a lot else that may be common knowledge (or any good).

Have a very crafty Christmas!

With Christmas soon upon us, I have been trying to come up with some ideas to make the season more affordable while simultaneously developing strategies to avoid the mall. In order to save time, money and add a personal touch to gifting this year, here are some options for cost-effective gift and decoration ideas.

Ho ho ho! Merry secular year-end holiday!

On Christmas Day this year, millions of Christians will celebrate the birth of God’s son Jesus Christ. Many secularists will also observe their own Christmas traditions: spending lavishly, earning holiday pay, cutting down trees and hanging coloured light bulbs. Others still will regard the season with disdain because they are either not fans of its

Santa’s green report card

How big of a polluter is Santa? Tasked with producing enough toys for every child in the world, how big is Santa's carbon footprint?

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