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Bryn Becker began studying computer science at the U of S in 2008. He decided to switch his major to English, however, and plans to complete his degree this spring. His unique combination of technical and creative skills put him in a great position to take over the Sheaf’s web editor position in 2011, a post he again holds this year. Bryn oversees the design and management of the Sheaf’s website,, and also curates the Sheaf’s presence on the rest of the web. Follow Bryn on Twitter: @BrynB

Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple, has died


In a recent press release, Apple's Board of Directors confirmed that the company's co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs, has died. Jobs spent the last seven years of his life battling pancreatic cancer. After what had been labeled a successful liver transplant, in August of this year Jobs officially resigned as CEO of Apple Inc., following a nine month medical leave of absence.

The fight for online freedom in Canada is only just beginning


Despite a comfortable position alongside a myriad of disturbing new laws, the government’s proposed Internet surveillance legislation, known publicly as lawful access, was conspicuously absent from the Conservative’s recent omnibus crime bill. This came as a welcome surprise to many, considering that the prime minister had pledged to pass the legislation within the first 100 days of the new parliament. Unfortunately, there’s no real indication that the bill is gone for good. Canadian Internet users are still in the government’s judicial crosshairs.

Pixar lecture blends the technical with the magical


The creative minds at Pixar Studios are some of the best in the business, which why I was extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to sit in on a free, public lecture presented by two veteran Pixar animators. The speakers, brought to Saskatoon by the U of S College of Arts and Science, were Andrew Gordon, an animator, and Matthew Luhn, a story artist, who between them have over 30 years of experience at Pixar.

A year after Digg’s demise, Reddit is thriving


About a year ago, the world's one-time premier social news site,, buried itself under an avalanche of crippling mistakes. Following a calamitous and ill-conceived redesign, the site's downfall caused quite a stir online. Roughly 12 months later, the digital dust has almost settled. If you look back, though, there's much to be learned.

The viral tsunami


The raw video footage and witness accounts coming out of Japan are tragic and surreal. No other natural disaster of this magnitude has ever been captured with such chilling clarity, from so many different perspectives, and in so many different voices.

An existential struggle with digital withdrawal


The cognitive benefits of closing a laptop or pocketing a cell phone in a classroom should come as no surprise to anyone who has studied entry-level psychology. Reducing the number of distracting external stimuli increases one's ability to focus on the specific task at hand, like actively participating in class discussions or absorbing information.

A brief history of Anonymous


In late 2003 Anonymous emerged, still dripping, from the primordial soup of the Internet. Since then, they have taken on various people and made headlines along the way.

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