The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.


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Aboriginal urban design


Ryan Walker says the grates around trees at River Landing are an important example of First Nations culture in Saskatoon's urban design. “Some people may see it as fairly small scale but it's the process that was used that's important,” said Walker, chair of the Regional and Urban Planning Program at the U of S.

Students’ Council: Oct. 8, 2008


The University Students' Council was the shortest yet this year, lasting only 10 minutes. Perhaps a revolt is in order, or at least a motion to force Students' Council to stay in the room for at least 30 minutes. They could trade Pokemon cards or something to pass the time.

A night of spontaneous head-banging


Thrash, black metal, death metal, heavy metal, power metal ”” whatever you call it, it rocks, and Children of Bodom are kings of the genre. Children of Bodom had their first headlining show in Saskatoon on Oct. 1 at the Odeon.

None hurt after bus collision


The University of Saskatchewan bus mall was a flurry of activity on Oct. 5 when two buses collided around 3:30 p.m. Buses were waiting for passengers on the side of the mall furthest from Place Riel when a bus pulled away from the curb, striking a passing bus.

Sir Ken the creativity expert


Ken Robinson received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in 2003 for his services to the arts and he speaks to audiences around the world about creativity. He has written several books on the subject, the latest being The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything. He will give a lecture at the U of S on Oct. 1 at Convocation Hall...

Institutional positioning


The University of Sakatchewan is looking to define its public image and it needs your help. Unfortunately, it looks like U of S students aren't interested. Thousands of students got the invitation in their announcements on PAWS asking, “What should the University of Saskatchewan be known for?” However, only a handful of students showed up to the institutional positioning town hall on Sept. 18.

Drunk biking safer than driving?


In my opinion, the danger of driving vehicles while drunk has always been about putting other people's lives at stake. When I'm out on the streets, whether driving, walking or biking, I don't expect to be suddenly ploughed down by a drunk driver whose impaired judgment kept him or her from seeing me. How much damage could a bike possibly do?

Regina football player dies


University of Regina Rams football player Spenser Borlase, 18, was killed in a car accident Sept. 11. The accident took place at about 11 p.m., on Highway 11 near the village of MacDowell, south of P.A. Borlase was heading north, the only occupant in the vehicle, when he veered into the other lane and collided head-on with a vehicle heading south.

Students’ council may abandon CFS


The University Students' Council's tenuous relationship with the Canadian Federation of Students was the topic of hot debate at the USC meeting on Sept. 10. “The USSU and CFS have had quite the relationship over the past four or five years and we're going to be the first council to actually do something about it,” said vice-president of external affairs Chris Stoicheff. This statement became a mantra for Stoicheff...

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