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Andrew Niccol’s sci-fi thriller In Time is fun concept, flawed film


In the near future, time is money in the most literal sense imaginable. That’s the basic concept behind In Time, the latest science-fiction thriller from Andrew Niccol, the director of Gattaca and Lord of War. It’s a neat concept and well executed in the film, but unfortunately the concept seems to be the only innovation in the movie.

Royal Winnipeg Ballet brings Svengali to Saskatoon on Nov. 8


It’s not every day that the ballet comes to Saskatoon. Already receiving rapturous reviews from the likes of the CBC, Svengali is the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s newest creation, an artistic retelling of the novel Trilby by George du Maurier. The ballet tells the story of Svengali, a young man yearning for fame who has an entrancing effect on women. After escaping the confines of his repressive mother, Svengali meets the innocent young dancer Trilby, whom he transforms into a dancing sensation.

National Novel Writing Month kicks off during the busiest month of school


>National Novel Writing Month has become an online phenomenon and chances are you’ve heard one of your aspiring author friends talk about it over the years. To the uninitiated, National Novel Writing Month, better known as NaNoWriMo, is an online writing challenge that encourages budding writers to write 50,000 words of an original novel during the month of November.

Demons and night-vision: round three


Third time doesn’t break the charm in this third entry and prequel to the popular horror franchise. It’s unheard of for second films in horror franchises to be good, let alone third entries, and yet the three films in the Paranormal Activity series are consistently good.

A little late to the game: examining the Nintendo 3DS


It took me over half a year to finally succumb to Nintendo’s spell and buy a Nintendo 3DS. It was a wise decision. The Nintendo 3DS was released on March 27 of this year and is the latest in Nintendo’s long line of handheld gaming devices. This honoured tradition started back in 1989 with the Game Boy and has gone through varied iterations over the years such as the Game Boy Color in 1998, the Game Boy Advance in 2001 and the DS in 2004.

Season Two of zombie epic The Walking Dead is still tense, visceral entertainment


The Center for Disease Control is gone, hope is elusive and zombies are still everywhere. AMC’s zombie hit The Walking Dead returned on Oct. 16 to an ecstatic 7.3 million viewers and Season Two starts just where Season One left off. The band of survivors headed by Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is still there, although their numbers are thinned out from the final episodes of last season, hoping against hope that things can get better and they find some vestige of safety.

Don’t beware The Ides of March


Politics is a dirty game. While reiterating this unfortunate truism isn’t particularly enlightening, it does make for good entertainment. The Ides of March is another installment in a long line of political films showing that there is no such thing as an honest politician. George Clooney’s fourth film as a director, The Ides of March is fast, smart and thrilling in a way similar to Moneyball and other confident dramas.

Season Four seals it: Breaking Bad is one of the best TV shows ever made


When a television show has you literally shaking from the tension, you know you’re watching something good. Breaking Bad has caused the shakes more than any show in recent memory. The show, which started out as a simple drama about a cancer-stricken high school chemistry teacher who turns to cooking meth to pay the bills, has evolved into so much more than an exploration of a good man gone bad. This past season of Breaking Bad, the fourth, with its slow boil storytelling, constant threat of death for the main characters and uncanny ability to pull all disparate narrative threads together into one overwhelming situation of helplessness has demonstrated that the show may just be the quintessential exploration of pride, moral degradation and crime on television.

It’s all about the Moneyball


Moneyball is a sports movie that’s as much about talk as it is about playing sports. It’s about the men who run the game of baseball off the field and how logic and statistics trump intuition and talent. It’s an underdog story, but not of the kind you’ve seen before. Based on Michael Lewis’s 2003 non-fiction book, Moneyball tells the story of how Oakland Athletics’ general manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) changed the game of baseball during the 2002 season.

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