Seven movies worth binge watching during reading week

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Reading break is upon us, so why not fill your day with a movie or two that will keep you entertained while you take some time off your studies.

1. The Avengers series

Kick off the break with this four-part action movie series. The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers: Infinity War are some of the most entertaining movies with dramatic and action-packed scenes, comedic moments and interesting characters to meet along the way. Just make sure you have tons of snacks, and a box of tissues on the side once you get to Avengers: Endgame.  

2. Rebecca

This romantic thriller film will have you gripping your seat in anticipation with many twists and turns. 

The story begins when a working young woman marries the wealthy Englishman Maxim de Winter after a short courtship. The newly-weds then go back home to Maxim’s estate, Manderley, where the protagonist meets the ominous housekeeper Mrs. Danvers, who works to sabotage her in every way possible. The picturesque romance between Mr. and Mrs. de Winter soon dwindles as dark secrets begin to reveal themselves.

3. Nerve

This movie follows the main protagonists Venus and Ian as they play a high-stakes truth-or-dare online game called Nerve, where players must complete a task to earn money, while gaining fans along the way. The game takes a turn when the tasks become more dangerous and people’s lives are on the line. The central game in the movie will make people realize the power of social media and how far someone will go for their 15 minutes of fame.

4. All the Bright Places

Are you looking for an adventure story? This movie will inspire you to get out of bed and explore the world with its infinite possibilities. It is an emotional and heartwarming journey of two people that are dealing with inner struggles, coming together to gain a new perspective in life. One thing to note is that although this movie touches on deep subject matters, some scenes lacked depth — either due to the high school setting or simply poor direction. 

5. 3 Idiots

This Indian Hindi-language movie from 2009 will inspire you to grab your closest friends and go on the road trip of a lifetime — while following COVID-19 protocols of course. It is a comedy-drama about the lives of three friends through the years, as the scenes shift between the past and present. The twist in the ending makes this a worthwhile experience.

6. Holidate

Cuffing season seems to be a far reality for many this year. Get out of that dating app and hop into a romantic comedy that will make you believe in love again. Holidate is about two strangers who made a pact to be each other’s platonic “plus ones” all year long only to catch real feelings along the way. 

This movie is for the ones who are looking for ways to get out of that infamous “Are you seeing anyone, yet?” question at family gatherings.  

7. Aquaman

If you have the time, leave this movie last on the list — just to quell your curiosity on what Aquaman is all about. For the hype that surrounded this movie leading up to premiere day, you would think that you would be at least somewhat entertained. 

Most everything about this movie was predictable — viewers will find themselves often anticipating the next move or line. A movie that doesn’t leave an element of surprise is a movie that will only lead to a subpar, if not outright bad experience. This movie sits in the perfect middle. If you are looking for something to put on Netflix to help you fall asleep, this is your match.

Kristine Jones A. Del Socorro | Culture Editor

Photo: Kristine Jones A. Del Socorro | Culture Editor