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All you need to know about Matt D’Avellla

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An overhead view of Matt D’Avella crossing out items on his to-do list. Instagram | @mattdavella

Matt D’Avella is a filmmaker who is focused on creativity and minimalism. His success on YouTube has branched off into other projects such as podcasting and working with other content creators in the industry.

In one of his earlier YouTube videos, D’Avella tells the story of the first time he  invested his own time, money and energy on a project with his friends. Although he found himself wanting to quit along the way, he persisted because he was truly passionate about his work. This project is the documentary called Minimalism

Minimalism boasts itself to be “a documentary about the important things.” The film follows Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, amongst other people, as they tell their journeys to becoming minimalists. This was after Millburn and Nicodemus found themselves discontent with their lives as they were reaching their 30s, despite having achieved six-figure careers, luxury cars and oversized houses.

Contrary to the belief that minimalism is another product for wealthy people to buy, I think that minimalism is a lifestyle dependent on each individual’s awareness. Some critique this way of living as another performative act that glorifies an aesthetic. These are the same critics that only pay attention to the people that buy expensive things with a monochromatic look and call it minimalism. Minimalism is much more than that. 

In essence, minimalism tells you to chuck all of the things that you don’t use in your everyday life and keep the ones that you do. However, there is more to say about what happens within a person that goes far beyond decreasing the amount of things that they own. This inner transformation is what D’Avella promotes with his channel.

There are a few things that set D’Avella’s content apart and contribute to his success. At first glance, the quality of his videos sets the precedent that he is someone who values exquisite work. He is articulate, funny and relatable. Something that makes his videos more credible is that he often shares his vulnerabilities and points of weaknesses — not just his achievements. 

As a viewer, seeing someone become so successful and thriving in his endeavors still acknowledge their anxieties, fears and shortcomings, is massive. From the way that he delivers meaningful work to amassing a following of 2.76 million YouTube subscribers in less than five years, he is an example of how belief, drive and passion will help you overcome whatever challenges and trials you face in life.

After consuming D’Avella’s work, I often think about how I can apply what I learned from his videos into my daily life. This person is someone who exhibits great qualities and flourish doing something that they are passionate about. Isn’t that the dream? To do something you love, every single day?

We are constantly bombarded with distractions that take away meaning from our everyday life. We are so consumed by worldly desires that it seems as if we are losing touch of what it means to live a fulfilling life. Perhaps minimalism will be one of the first steps I can incorporate into my life that will lead to greater things. 

To quote Millburn and Nicodemus, “love people. Use things. The opposite never works.”

Kristine Jones A. Del Socorro | Culture Editor

Photo: Matt D’Avella

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