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Exploring the possibility of a life as a digital nomad

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There is no doubt that there are certain things that will never be the same after the pandemic. With all of the upcoming changes, now is the time, more than ever, to be a progressive thinker in all aspects of life.

Working digitally is becoming more and more accepted. It feels like we as a society are still navigating the possibilities of technology after almost everything shifted into online mode. Perhaps this time is advantageous for those in search of a new course in life, and one area in particular that affects a huge part of an individual’s life is their career path — why not become a digital nomad?

Digital nomads are people who utilize technology to conduct their business anywhere and at any time. For some people, exploring the possibility of pursuing a career as a digital nomad seems far-fetched. After all, it seems to dismantle our society’s idea of what success should look like. But being a digital nomad is not just about working from home.

This is not meant to say that the job you have now will not bring you a good future. It’s saying that if you don’t want to work a nine-to-five job from the minute that you finally get your hands on your degree until you retire, you have to start thinking outside of the box. 

The possibilities of what you can do are virtually limitless from publishing your own ebook, becoming a vlogger or getting hired as a tutor, just to list a few. 

In most cases, the motivation to become a digital nomad is not that you are going to be making the big bucks. Rather, it stems from the motivation to live a life doing something you love. However, if you are on the fence about this idea in fear that it won’t bring food to the table you will find that this job type can land you earnings somewhere in the six figures.

According to a survey conducted by FlexJobs in 2018, 18 per cent of digital nomads report making more than $100,000 per year, while 22 per cent earn between $50,000 and $99,999.

Those who found success on online platforms such as YouTube, Tiktok, Snapchat and Instagram can fall under the category of digital nomads. These influential  people have the opportunity to travel the world and meet many people along the way. Those connections can bring collaborations — which means landing a job. 

And forget needing high-quality technology before trying this lifestyle. Listen, all you need are the following: a phone, a battery charger, ideas and a positive attitude. With the world literally at our fingertips, the likelihood to be part of this movement rests in your hands. 

Now, I can understand that it may be a good idea to invest in university to hone your talents and acquire new skills, while also following the direction of a digital nomad. That way, you can have something to fall back to in case things do not go as planned.  

My father always said to take the leap even if you feel like your wings aren’t big enough to fly. You don’t know how far the fall is, but if you have the will to make your wings along the way, you will soar before you even find out. Whenever I’m in doubt, this saying rings loud and clear.

Perhaps the ambiguity of the destination you’ll end in is simply the redirection that you need if you decide to take on this endeavour. Who knows, this may just be your calling to finally live the life that has only existed in your imagination. 

This op-ed was written by a University of Saskatchewan undergraduate student and reflects the views and opinions of the writer. If you would like to write a rebuttal, please email

Kristine Jones A. Del Socorro | Culture Editor

Photo: Creative Commons | slalit

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