Secret in the Wings brings fairytale magic to our theatre’s stage

By   —   February 8, 2020   —   in Culture

Secret in the Wings. Photo by Gavin Robertson

From beautiful light and sound additions to driven actors in intricate costumes and every set detail in between, it’s no secret that the Greystone productions are spectacular. This time around, first- and second-year students get to ride those wings, too.

Jam-packed with impressive group choreo and ripe with plot, the fresh legs on the main stage delivered a charming story of lesser-known fairy tales stream-lined into a single narrative. The audience is treated to the “Seven Swans”, “The Princess Who Wouldn’t Laugh” and many more.

Though a show featuring younger students is monumental in its own right, being the first of its kind in many years, the most impressive feature lies within the creative rehearsal process. Actor Avery Fehr discussed the freedom in choreography that the actors were given.

“The first scene … originally we just walked around. Then our director added jazz music underneath and said ‘just play with it,’ and we started dancing and throwing some ‘50s moves in there,” Fehr said. 

“In the moment, it was totally impromptu,” she said. Now that their run has begun, the moves have stuck.

Despite often being tense and dramatic, Secret in the Wings is not without comedic breaks. Scenes like the techno rave and the dating show from The Princess Who Wouldn’t Laugh leave space for hilarity audiences will gobble up. 

Shows with musical aspects are not often represented in the on-campus theatre, but this one brings lovely enchanting song and dance. What’s more, each musical piece was under the instruction of fourth-year student Bobbi Lee Jones. The students bore more of the mantle of directorial positions as well in this season’s show.

Secret in the Wings is rife with laughable moments, flawless technical choreography, and a wild ride of a plot that’ll keep you engaged the whole time. This show is one to see.

Secret in the Wings runs at the Greystone Theatre from Feb. 4 to 8 at 8 p.m. 

Gavin Robertson

Photo: Gavin Robertson

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