What’s the Sheaf?

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Well, reader, I’m glad you asked. The Sheaf is your University of Saskatchewan student newspaper. Written for students, by students, the mission of the paper is to inform and entertain — to provide student perspective on campus life and issues.

We’re also a non-profit, with six undergraduate students on the Board of Directors to oversee the organization. The paper’s operations are funded by a levy through the student union and advertisements in the paper and on the website.

The paper is composed of four main sections: News, Sports and Health, Culture, and Opinions. Our staff brings you an in-depth centrefold feature story in each paper that focuses on a variety of topics. The dearly beloved distractions page is another aspect to the paper which can be composed of horoscopes, crosswords, comics and creative writing submissions.

Our editorial team is made up of 12 student employees who work to publish issues of the paper each week of the school year, excluding reading week breaks and finals. Each issue is a collaborative product made up of the writing, editing, photography and graphics from the Sheaf staff and volunteer contributors.

Volunteers are what makes our newspaper function. We’re always welcoming contributors, and we emphasize that no prior experience is necessary. All undergraduate students are encouraged to contribute their unique skills to the Sheaf whether that be with writing, editing drawing, photography or promoting the paper.

You can get in contact with us in multiple ways. Come to our office — please refer to the Campus Map — or send any staff member an email or facebook message. Carrier pigeons and owls are also accepted.

You can contribute to the Sheaf however much and however often you want. There’s truly a place for everyone in the newspaper — it’s just a matter of finding your niche.

Seeing as we’ve been around since 1912, we like to think that we’ve figured out how to do this journalism thing. However, no one is an island — not even a 107-year-old paper. We are always open to feedback from our readership. Let us know what you think about our content. You might even get featured in a new column we’re starting this year called Shit on the Sheaf.

Still want to know more about the Sheaf? Email the Editor-in-Chief at editor@thesheaf.com.

Nykole King / Editor in Chief

Graphic: Shawna Langer / Graphics Editor