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The lowdown on the mundane: Survival tips for first years

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1. Find your flock.

The simple truth is that the university is a large place with a whole lot of people. The quickest way to find good people is to get involved. There are a staggering amount of clubs that exist at the U of S.

Whether you are into gaming, literature or politics, there is a group for you. You can find a list of clubs on page 21 or go to the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union website to find a more up-to-date list.

2. Take advantage of the USSU events.

The USSU has an abundance of resources available to make the campus a safer and more comfortable place for everyone. In the Memorial Union Building, we have the Pride Centre and the Women’s Centre, which are both great hangouts on campus that have a welcoming and open-minded community.

If you do end up wandering by, the Sheaf office is also down the hall from these centres. You know, just in case you ever wanted to drop by and say hi.

There is also the USSU Safe Walk, located in the Arts Tunnel, which will accompany students so that they don’t have to walk alone. A comprehensive list of the centres can be found at the USSU website.

3. Want a wrap?              

The only Tim Hortons on campus that has wraps is the one in the Health Science Building, and it’s also open the latest. There are four other Tim’s locations on campus: one in the Arts Tunnel, one on the second floor of the Geology Building and one in lower Marquis Hall. There’s also a lesser-known express Tim’s in the Education Building. It has less variety but it gets less traffic so it moves faster.

4. Insured? Maybe you shouldn’t be.

As a full-time on-campus student, you are automatically insured through the student health and dental plan on campus. Here’s the money-saving part: if you are already insured through your own or your parents’ work plan, you can opt-out of the student insurance and save a couple of dollars to buy more Tim’s.

5. Can’t count?

Yes, there is a ground floor and a first floor in the Murray Library. Yes, they are on different floors. No, it doesn’t make sense.

6. As the floors go up, the noise volume goes down.

It is a common, collective knowledge that when studying in Murray, the higher the floor number, the quieter the space. If you sit on the ground floor or first floor, it is almost given that what you are working on is not of groundbreaking importance. Or maybe you’re one of those weirdos who work better in loud environments.

If you are on the third floor of the Murray Library talking loudly about your summer adventures, expect to be shushed, glared at or ranted about on YouSask Confessions. Respect your environment and fellow students by being quiet the higher up you are in the Murray Library.

7. Wait, I’m here to get a degree?

In the whirlwind that comes with being a first year at the university, it can be easy to forget that there is actually a reason why you are here. Focus on your degree, on learning and bettering yourself. Ask questions, show up to class and be unrelenting in your efforts.

You’re not going to be here forever so yes —  have fun, go to parties and make memories. Just don’t forget to do your best and reach out for help if you’re struggling.

Jessica Mroske

Graphic: Shawna Langer / Graphics Editor

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